7 Tips to make your room look brighter

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Houses are getting smaller by the day, which means you need to find creative ways to make the rooms look bigger and brighter and painting them white isn’t the only option. Rooms that are completely painted white often lack character and you obviously don’t want that. There are so many different ways to make rooms of your house look brighter, some of which we have mentioned below to help you use light creatively.

1. Install ceiling lights

By using top lights you can make the room look brighter and bigger, especially when the room’s furniture is reflective. You can use this trick in the kitchen, which usually is darker than other rooms of the house.

2. Use the right colour

Did you know that by changing colours and furniture you can make a room look brighter? Make your room look brighter by using neutral and light wall colours against dark furniture.

3. White floors

The best way to make your room look the lightest and sunniest is by choosing a white floor. If you are on a budget, simply choose white-painted floorboards, which are an affordable option. If you want more light, you can also install shimmery white tiles.

4. Furniture with reflective surface

Choose furniture with high-gloss metal finish or mirrored glass which can reflect light. It makes the room look bigger and gives you the freedom to introduce moodier shades without compromising on your choice of color elsewhere.

5. Place mirrors smartly

Place mirrors opposite to windows or adjacent to them so that they can create a space enhancing effect as it gives an illusion of double the space.

6. Low-level furniture

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Taller furniture blocks light and can make the room look smaller. So choose low-level pale-coloured furniture instead to make your room look brighter instantly. Discuss with your interior designer about it.

7. Furniture made of lustrous material

Not only will the furniture reflect light but also create a dramatic and glamorous ambience in the room. Lustrous material have their own shine, which helps reflect light and is usually used to upholster sofas and chairs.  Some of the easiest lustrous fabrics to work with are silk, velvet, and chenille. Place the furniture adjacent to the room’s window for maximum reflection.

If you want more such tips, you check our ideabooks on Homify.

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