7 comfortable ideas of window sitting for your home

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If you are the one who thinks that your room is too small to make space for relaxation zone, then you haven’t searched your room well. We usually overlook the importance of window in our life and the role it plays in connecting us with the outside world. So why not give this worthy space the respect and attention it should get. We bet that you will love the relaxation this perfect corner will offer where you can sit and have coffee, chat, listen to birds signing and children’s laughter or simply sit there gazing the beauty of nature. Today we have brought for you 7 window sitting arrangement which are a perfect marriage between style and comfort. Have a look!

​1. When sky is the limit

Window seating area homify Modern windows & doors

Window seating area


This long cushioned seating on wooden framed window provides comfortable lounging to enjoy the winter sun or admiring the wide view of sky beyond. Pull down the blinds when sun becomes harsh and relax. If family comes, then there is enough space for all.

​2. Breaking the monotony

The youngster of the home will love it! A window framed with cabinets all around and a comfortable sitting on it just beside the study table. Jump on the seat near the window and take a break.

​3. Opening on the closet

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JR Greenwich Villas, Sarjapur Road—Ms. Natasha


Speaking about storage, we always need more in our home. This stylishly comfortable window seat has a long cupboard as back rest and small cabinets to sit on. You may say that it’s multi-functional in its attitude.

5. Soaking in the sun

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May be you believe that window seat has to be long, running along the whole of windowpane in order to become comfortable. Well then… have a look and get inspired to create a private space just for one in the niche to spend some ‘me’ time with coffee and book.

​5. Stylishly fashionable

Window sitting can cut out to be a casual yet stylish seating area even in the social space or living room of your home. Just make sure that you design and decorate it so that it merges with the theme of the décor.

6. ​Cozy corner in the alcove

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It’s not necessary to make the window seat the focal point of your bedroom. It could just be a cozy little seat tucked in the corner of the room just below the window over a cabinet creating a serene and romantic atmosphere for the couple.

​7. A leaf from the past

Old-world charm has always captivated our imagination. This would have passed on just another window seat without the arched alcove and open brick wall that looks so retro and yet it is trendy.

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Which window sitting will you choose for your home? Tell us why in the comments.

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