7 stylish home décor ideas to follow

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Every home needs to be decorated with love, passion and style. In fact, the house is the extension of the personality of the people living there. If you want to follow the trend, then today’s style is all about neutral shades, simplicity and minimalist decor. However, if you love colours and vivacity, don’t be afraid to show them in your home. After all it’s your home; decorate it the way you wish to see it. There is nothing more satisfying than conceptualizing the design and then making it come alive in your home. If you are looking for some ideas, just dive in and look what we have got for you.

1. ​Surprising silhouette

Create an unexpected décor to even shock yourself. A painting or a lamp on the wall is too predictable. But something of this stature is surely amazing. Play around with this beautiful artwork and make it the centre of attraction. Keep the rest of the décor minimal. It will Wow you!

2. ​Renew the old world charm

A chair that looks broken, a very basic table with stools, rustic bench, wooden beam running in the middle, old brass lamps… you can never think of it. But see how it works beautifully. Now think twice before discarding any piece of furniture. May be you still love it and have space for it!

3. ​Sound of silence

Nothing can be more comforting and alluring than the sound of water filling the silence of the space. Make a room for the fountain in the unused or challenging place of your home and make it exclusively enticing. You will love the sound of silence here!

4. ​Brighten up the space

Be bold and challenge the traditional rule of modern décor. Instead of displaying one or many framed picture on the wall, stretch it to make one bold and single piece filling the space. If you still want more décor on the wall go for it. Let your vibrant personality and confidence brighten up the space. Let the rule be that there are no rules!

5. ​Globally local

Creativity is in mix and match. Bring the best out of simplicity by infusing a little of everything to create a fresh new décor. Plain tiles or floral wall, traditional bathtub or contemporary bathroom fittings; go global and bring unity in diversity.

6. ​Signature style

One of the simplest ways to freshen up the space is to do what makes you happy and brightens up the mood. Integrating a bright modern artwork with neutral shades of the wall and long traditional lamps creates a contemporary yet traditional look. The shocking yellow here and there gives it a bold look bubbling with fresh energy. Make it your signature style!

7. ​Youthful adventure

Be it the side tables of the room, the cushion thrown on the sofa, artefacts decorating the space or the lamps lighting up the walls; if it is beautiful they will blend to create harmony. Be adventurous and remain young forever!

Every home says something about the people who had made the house their home. Let the home speak for you. For trendy ideas, visit: The trendy ideas of home decoration to follow in 2018

Which of these style attracted your imagination? We are waiting to hear from you.

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