Residence At Gkvk Layout:  Bungalows by D'insignia Arcitects

A splendid duplex bungalow in Bangalore

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Duplex homes offer something more than just a home. Apartments are marked by smaller spaces and limiting ideas. However, the presence of air and space in a duplex home makes it a wonderful and a more interesting challenge. Using the space to showcase the colours you like and the kind of accents you like to be surrounded by makes this an individual and unique home. The architects from D’Insignia Architects, Bangalore have created a perfect space for the family. Paying attention to the individual needs of the homeowners and using a design that works on every level makes this home stylish, elegant and beautiful.This home is a perfect example of how you don’t need to fill your home with expensive things.

Lovely Entrance

The lovely space has been designed creatively to include the outdoors inside the home as well. The large plant that greets everyone adds greenery to space. It is perfectly accentuated by the use of blue tiles and the water feature. The wide-open glass window gives a perfect view f the happenings outside.

Lovely Courtyard

This beautiful courtyard is the perfect way to welcome people inside your home. The house has a wonderful walkway which has a glass bridge over a water feature. The blue mosaic-like tiles border the area giving it a very serene and cool look. The Buddha in the center demands and commands your attention. Its size and texture are all rustic and traditional giving it a very earthy feel. The roof which is open to the sky ensures there is plenty of natural light and air. The adequate use of stone in the area also contributes extensively to the rustic look of the house.

Wonderful use of space

This wonderful space is marked by an open design. Since the Buddha is a tall and imposing structure, the other parts of the area have been kept bare. The stairs also have an interesting balustrade in the form of tall and long rope-like beams. The rustic and asymmetrical stones on the opposite wall are right up to the alley of a rustic design.  The tall white pillars do well to mark off a small space where you can a casual sit-out. The long, hanging lamps are perfect as they add just a touch of glamour and modernity to the design here.

Modern Sitting Room

This lovely room is elegant and simple at the same time. The long bench like feature n the side adds a beautiful charm to this formal space. The sofa with its high-back is unusual yet comfortable. The light tones in the room are broken up with the bright multi-coloured artwork on the wall. The lampshade is lovely and charming. The blinds have been chosen to keep the space covered when required. It is easy to use and can be maintained well too.27 window designs that can add style to your home.

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