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7 clever storage ideas for kitchen

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Kitchen is the most happening place in our home. It is here that we cook meals to feed our bodies and satisfy the souls. Cooking for the family and bonding with family and friends over food is the most socially intimate tradition which is deep rooted in our culture. A kitchen is therefore not only a place to cook. It is also a place where relationship is brewed.

However, it is quite a challenging job to keep it organized to maintain the charm and sanctity of the space. To top it all, there are numerous things to store in kitchen for its proper running. Utensils, kitchen equipment, various ingredients to cook the meals… and the list goes on. The gist is that every kitchen needs storage to function smoothly. Here are 7 clever storage ideas for kitchen to make your life cool and calm even in the heat of kitchen.

1. ​Filling up the whole space

Now if you are the one deep into clean and clutter-free kitchen, then this might be your dream kitchen. The entire space has been turned into cabinets and shelves creating an enormous amount of storage space. The U-shape of the kitchen also provides sufficient empty space for free movement while working there.

2. ​Strongly modern

Industrial style is quite trendy and has become immensely popular in modern homes. The shiny metal shelves are an easy to clean, non-permanent, movable and durable option that can create extra storage option for your modern kitchen. Apart from all the positive qualities, it is cheaper than any other option.

3. ​Hide and seek

In a small kitchen, making space for storage space is quite important and valuable. The best way to get most out of it is by going for U-shape kitchen and then exploiting the vertical space too. Keep options for open shelves too. It will be convenient.

4. The island in the kitchen

Modern home is all about integration of space. So chuck that wall that restrict the kitchen and erect an island for the convenience of the home owner. Design the island so that there are rooms for storage on both its side. If space is there then why not utilize it.

5. Hanging around

Comfort and convenience makes life quite easy and organized in kitchen. Instead of storing everything in cupboards, just hang the utensils and pick up when you need. No bending, no looking for it and no need to create more cabinets for storage.

6. ​Smart cupboard

Usually the valuable space in the doors of cupboard goes waste. Get some inspiration from your refrigerator and design the cupboard in which even the doors are used to store stuffs. Think out of the box and build small units to make more room to keep the kitchen organized.

7. ​Glass top

Out of sight out of mind! We usually tend to forget what is stored in the top most shelves of the kitchen. Make the topmost door of glass to keep the things stored in plain sight. If well planned and executed well, it will add a very pleasing aesthetic to your kitchen.

Hope you like these innovative storage ideas and clever solution to keep the kitchen organized. For more ideas, visit: 11 clever kitchen storage ideas for small Indian homes

Which kitchen storage ideas do you like best? Please share with us in the comments section below.

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