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Unchagaon, Studio Ezube Studio Ezube Modern style bedroom
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The important ingredients that go into making a wonderful vacation are suitable fellow travellers, a beautiful destination and a gorgeous hotel. The hotel should be perfect for resting, recouping and rejuvenating tired spirits. This helps guests to wake up every day with renewed vigour.

The vintage colonial style heritage hotel featured here is an ode to regal living at its finest. Aptly named The Fort Unchagaon, this hotel exudes elegant beauty and old world charm. It is the brainchild of some of the most creative minds at Studio Ezube in Delhi. This city has witnessed the rule of several dynasties, and is replete with structures which combine both traditional and contemporary styles of architecture.

This fort too, shuts out the din of the urban life, and takes you back to the golden days of kings and emperors, with a touch of colonialism. The furniture, the high ceilings, the spacious rooms and the rich upholstery will all remind you of times gone by. Every single room exhibits aristocracy and is equipped with all modern amenities for the comfort of guests. So let’s begin our tour now.

Quaint bedroom

Welcome to cosy opulence with this bedroom and its luxurious four poster beds. Dominating the room with their beautiful presence, these beds have simple designs with a classic appeal. The intricate rug and premium silk drapes add warmth, and sensuousness. The mellow lighting definitely helps.

A different angle

Let’s take a glance at the other side of the bedroom. The bureau is an antique touch, and matches the dark wooden tones of the beds.  A minimalistic bench flanks it on the left and allows you to sit and ponder over which outfit to wear! Your clothes and other essentials can be easily accommodated in the wooden wardrobe in the corner of the room.

A charming way to wake up

We love this bedroom because it reminds us of charming English cottages with its simple single beds, wooden beams on the ceiling, and the utilitarian bureau. The latter is fitted with a flexible mirror, which is ready to bend back and forth at the behest of the beauty peeking into it for approval. Bright cushions add a dash of colour to the room. And the traditional tiles on the floor complete the look.

The pleasure of idle chitchat

Neutral colours and linear furniture with minimal ornamentation gives this living area a classic appearance. Sophisticated curtains and bright green cushions bask in the glow of the dainty lamp on the corner table. The pretty floor adds interesting character to the room and gives it some classic East meets West appeal. The painting lends aesthetic appeal. The room is perfect for unwinding after a long day and catching up with friends.

Enchanting terrace

In any hotel, areas like courtyards, terraces, roof top gardens and pathways make for excellent corners tucked away for quiet sips of tea. This terrace is enclosed and offers a cosy corner for early mornings and quiet, entertaining evenings. The wrought iron furniture gives a sturdy yet elegant look, and the concealed lighting peeping from behind the potted plants illuminate the walls nicely.

A garden of delights

The artistically lit garden and the lush foliage partially mask the façade of the property with sheer poetry! The pathways tempt you to stop and smell the roses. Both tall trees and small bushes coexist harmoniously. The green landscape is ideal for charming evening walks and early morning jogs. The overall look of the property is soothing and beckons a visitor to step in for a closer look!

As our tour ends, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. We are sure that this majestic hotel has inspired you to incorporate its aspects for your home project too. Please feel free to go through this ideabook for more ideas – The luxurious home full of surprise.

What do you like most about this tour? Please share with us in your comments below.

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