Reddy's residence:  Skylights by Sandarbh Design Studio

How to select a window for every room?

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They say the eyes are windows to the soul. For a home, the windows are the eyes to the world. Windows play an important role in the overall design of the house. They ensure that adequate natural light and fresh air is allowed into the house. Windows can also add a decorative element to the house. In today's article, we hope to inspire you with some beautiful pictures of a range of unique windows designed by architects in India. There is a window for every budget and taste here. If you don't believe us, just follow the links and tags included and you will find yourself in window paradise! 

1. Large windows with a seat

Windows are the best place to soak in some sunlight without being outdoors, so why not make it comfy with a seat and some cushions. For more ideas, here are 8 tips to optimize your window wall.

2. Paneled windows in black with opaque glass

Kannan - Sonali and Gaurav's residence:  Windows by Sandarbh Design Studio
Sandarbh Design Studio

Kannan—Sonali and Gaurav's residence

Sandarbh Design Studio

Windows framed in black can add a very striking contrast to a white facade. Make the shape slightly irregular as in this example to make it more unique. The opaque glass adds more privacy, so that there's no need for curtains or blinds. 

3. Wide windows combined with long side windows

Elegant Windows & Doors :  uPVC windows by Green Home Solution
Green Home Solution

Elegant Windows & Doors

Green Home Solution

Large windows are nice, but why not dress them up a little by adding prominent framing like two long side windows. 

4. Colonial style arched windows

Classic Design Windows:  uPVC windows by Green Home Solution
Green Home Solution

Classic Design Windows

Green Home Solution

The colonial style arched windows is a classic and will always remain a classic. 

5. Skylight with stained windows caged in wood

This is a definitely very unique and tastefully designed skylight!

6. Colonial style with elegant wrought iron grills

For a more elegant, classy look frame your colonial style windows with wrought iron grills. Other than looking good, they will also provide more protection to the house. For more ideas, here are 14 window grills to give stylish edge to your windows.

7. Sliding windows with wooden frames and window seat/cabinets

Manuj Agarwal Architects Residence cum Studio, Dehradun:  Windows by Manuj Agarwal Architects
Manuj Agarwal Architects

Manuj Agarwal Architects Residence cum Studio, Dehradun

Manuj Agarwal Architects

Sliding windows are space-efficient and great for window seats. 

8. Multiple long but narrow windows

This window design is ideal if you like to have a few windows open and the rest closed. For more inspiration, check out our article titled dress your windows in spectacular style.

9. Traditional Indian style windows as a divider in the house

interior project : residential apartment:  Windows by uttara and adwait furniture
uttara and adwait furniture

interior project : residential apartment

uttara and adwait furniture

Opening up walls by installing windows in the interiors of your house can help make your home feel more spacious and make it brighter as well. 

10. Large windows divided into squares

This type of window design is ideal for the first floor, but may not be the best for the ground floor for security reasons. 

11. Window wall with geometric designed frame in white

Studio Apartment: modern Houses by Ink Architecture
Ink Architecture

Studio Apartment

Ink Architecture

Another extraordinarily unique window design! 

12. Shutter windows that slide up for the bathroom

the "court" house: rustic Bathroom by de square
de square

the court house

de square

Never forget the window in the bathroom! 

13. Long narrow grilled windows in black

the "court" house:  Walls by de square
de square

the court house

de square

A nice secure window which allows sufficient natural light into the house. 

14. Window wall with multiple windows framed in wood

the "court" house:  Windows by de square
de square

the court house

de square

This is a great design for a window wall in the bedroom on the first floor—very natural and open. 

We hope you've been inspired by the window designs here. For more related ideas, please continue reading our article titled 8 classic window dressing ideas.

Which window designs did you like the best? 
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