30 inspiring ideas to use wood at home

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Wood is one of the most popular materials used for interior design, particularly for furnishing and decoration. The earthy charm of wood has been used for centuries to make homes more cosy and natural. Depending on the shade, colour and texture of wood used, it can give a different type of feel to the space. For example, more dark roughly textured wood can give a rustic feel to the environment, while light coloured wood that is nicely polished can give a minimalist and modern look to a room. In today's article we would like to share with you some of the many possible ways you can use wood to beautify your home. We hope you will be inspired by the designs here. Please follow the tags to links included for more related information and ideas. 

1. Modern dining table set

You can use as little or as much wood as you want to or can afford to, but as a general rule of thumb in interior design, the dining room is a great place for wood. Good quality wooden furniture will last you a very long time, so it's a worthwhile investment. If you need help choosing a suitable dining table for your home, you can refer to our article titled which table to choose for your dining room or kitchen.

2. Stylish staircase

Wood and glass can be combined to make a very stylish staircase. The space under the stairs can also be embelished with decorative wooden panels for extra effect. 

3. Classy terrace

Dark wood is an excellent choice for the classy terrace look. With an entrance door to match, the design flows naturally and harmoniously. 

4. Rustic bed

A little edge can be added to a modern bedroom easily with a rustic bed.

5. Gazebo

Wooden gazebos are great as they blend into the outdoor natural environment perfectly. 

6. Wall decorations

Wooden wall decoration doesn't cost much, but yet still brings the earth charm of wood with it and will warm up any room. For more inspiration, here are some geometric wooden furniture designs. 

7. Room divider

Wooden pillars can make for great room dividers. They can also be combined with other material such as a lattice fence or even a small puja altar. 

8. Ceiling beams

Pictured here we see quite an unusual and unique style of ceiling wooden beams, which can add a lot of personality to a room. For more inspiration, have a look at 10 ideas for wooden beams on ceilings.

9. Cabinetry and puja ghar

Wood doesn't necessarily have to make a place look dark. For example, as you can see pictured here, combined with recessed lighting, the bright-coloured orange tinted wood does wonders to brighten up this home. 

10. Wall panels

Wooden wall panels are great room dividers and can actually be used to create a whole other room in the house. 

11. Latticed TV panel

A latticed TV panel made out of wood might just be what you have been looking for. For more inspiration, check out our article titled beautiful wooden accents for the home.

12. Natural facade

If you're lucky enough to have a natural landscape around your house like big trees, a natural wooden facade would make it look like a dream house. 

13. Cosy kitchen

Wooden kitchens are cosy, but they can be difficult to maintain due to the heat and moisture. However, if the dream persists, then you might as well have a look at our 20 beautiful and modern wooden kitchens.

14. Earthy entrance

Nothing says a warm welcome better than an earthy entrance which embraces you with the tender warmth of wood. 

15. A warm welcome

It's not the staircase to heaven, but it's nice to be greeted by a friendly looking staircase, a warm, woody one.

16. Modern bathroom

Modern bathrooms often include wooden furnishings to make it look more like all the other rooms in the house, giving the home an inclusive, wholesome design. 

17. Rustic patio

The ingredients to a beautiful rustic patio could be as simple as wooden flooring and glass doors framed with richly textured wood. 

18. Elegant parquet

Elegant wooden parquet in varied light shades look awesome combined in a contemporary design. 

19. Creative ceiling beams

Wooden ceiling beams can be added to fake ceilings too.

20. Bookshelves for the study room

Wooden bookshelves for the study room is simply nostalgic and romantic. 

21. Simple and old-fashioned

A wooden coffee table and TV console is enough wood for some people. 

22. Intricate wooden headboard

If you love the decorative qualities of wood, then choose an intricately carved wooden furniture design that will stand out, for example like the bed headboard pictured here. 

23. Colonial style home office

Professional and stylish, this colonial home office inspired by wood is definitely dressed to impress.

24. Colonial style waiting room

This is a great style for the entrance or corridor area. Redwood can be so striking, especially in this colonial style. 

25. Woody and casual

A casual atmosphere is quite easily created with wooden elements in the living room design pictured here. 

26. Chic balcony

The balcony is another outdoor space that looks great with lots of wood—wood for the awning, wood for the bar, wood for the planters… you can go wood crazy! 

27. Comfy balcony

Wooden armchairs with comfy cushions make one of the best types of outdoor chairs as they're both long-lasting and super comfortable and snug as well. 

28. Mealtimes on the balcony

With a small wooden dining table set to match the rest of your balcony, it could actually be another functional room in the house—an outdoor dining room. 

29. Wooden window frames

Wooden window frames have a certain tantalising magic to them which can turn a boring concrete box of a house into something that looks more like a lovely cottage. 

30. Wooden wardrobe with study desk

Last but not least, wooden wardrobes in the bedroom can be combined with the study desk in a continuous design for a more modern and sleek look. 

We hope you've enjoyed the ideas here. For more articles like this, you can have a look at our article titled 10 wooden furniture perfect for your home.

Which interior design inspired by wood did you like the best? 

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