4 bedroom Villa at Prestige Glenwood: modern Living room by ACE INTERIORS

7 Vastu Shastra tips for the living rooms

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Modern architecture has changed the functionality of the living room. The living room of our homes now serves as a social and private area both. It’s the space where you entertain your guests. It’s also the space where you and your family spend quality time together. Hence it is important to make it aesthetically beautiful to flaunt to your guests and comfortable for your family to relax.  

Now, not all homes have gardens, verandas or lobbies before entering the living room. The space crunch has made these spaces almost extinct. In today’s world, the main door opens directly to the living room of the house. Everything good or bad, positive or negative enters the home through this room. Here’s where the ancient Indian science of Architecture, Vastu Shastra comes to our rescue of modern architecture. Vastu compliant living room will ward off the negative energy and absorb the positive vibes which will be reflected in the home and eventually in the life of the inhabitants. Follow these 7 simple Vastu tips to welcome happiness and prosperity into your modern home.

1. ​Locating the room

 4 bedroom Villa at Prestige Glenwood: modern Living room by ACE INTERIORS

4 bedroom Villa at Prestige Glenwood


The ideal location of living room is in the north or east. However, in modern homes it is not always possible to have the ideal location. According to Vastu, the ideal location depends on the position of the home. For the east or north facing home, living room can be in North-east direction. For the west facing home, it can be in the North-west and for south facing home it can be in the South-east.

2. ​Welcome home

LIVING ROOM VIEW 1: minimalistic Living room by MAD DESIGN



Usually the main door of the home opens in the living room. Ensure that the door is in the right direction and right place. North and east entrance brings in health, wealth and fame, west welcomes calmness, south, north-east or south-east brings success but after hard work and north-west indicates overall development. However, south-west is inauspicious for the entrance door. Avoid it.

3. ​Colour of the wall

The colour of the room should be soothing and calming. Vastu recommends white, green, blue or yellow for the living room. Avoid dark shades and say no to black or red in the living area. Hang paintings depicting fresh water or waterfall, sun, God and pleasant scenery to attract positive vibe.

4. ​Positioning the furniture

The furniture, decoration articles or any heavy items should be placed in the west or south side of the room. Keep the north-east empty and clean. A few healthy plants in this corner are good. But don’t keep any dry or artificial flowers in the room. Make sure that the furniture is square or rectangle in shapes. Avoid round, oval or irregular shapes in furniture.

5. ​Entertaining relaxation

Living Room: modern Living room by A Design Studio
A Design Studio

Living Room

A Design Studio

Living area has also become the entertainment room for the family. Place the TV in south-east direction. Vastu prohibit placing TV in north-east or south-west corner.

6. ​Embellishing it bright

Interior of Rajesh Patel: modern Living room by Architects at Work
Architects at Work

Interior of Rajesh Patel

Architects at Work

Ensure that the living room is well lit with soothing lights and well ventilated to bring in freshness. If there is a chandelier, hang it is the south or west corner. Avoid hanging anything it in the centre of the room.

7. ​Perfecting the imperfection

tropical Living room by Aquarium Architecture
Aquarium Architecture

Aquarium in the city

Aquarium Architecture

Vastu believes that aquarium has the power to absorb all the negative energies and clear the space of any Vastu defects it has. Keep a fish aquarium in the east, north or north-east of the living room to reap the benefits from it. However, never keep it in the south. It will drain out all the positive energy from the home.

The secret is out! Vastu is all about balancing the five elements of the nature-air, water, fire, earth and space. Create a balance between these elements and enjoy the benefits of Vastu in your home and life. Take some inspiration from here: 7 Vastu tips for making your home a happier place

Which of these tips are you going to try? Let us know in the comments.
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