The complete guide to choose doors for your home

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The complete guide to choose doors for your home

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The entrance to your home is like a calling card. It serves as a preview of what your visitors can expect from the rest of your house. Therefore, it must make a good first impression, and the door is a vital element in its design. A stylish entrance door can set the expectations of elegant interiors, which is the reason you need to choose the right type of door. Should you use wood or glass? Will glass doors provide privacy and security? These are the questions that most homeowners contemplate before deciding on the perfect option. Finally, you need to make a choice that balances of elegance and functionality.

Today, we take you through the options to help you pick the best type of exterior door for your home.

What should you know before choosing doors?

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The primary factor to keep in mind when choosing the door is whether it matches the design style of the home. Nowadays, doors come in a variety of materials and designs, so it’s easy to find one that suits your house. Besides style, you need to consider the other features that you want from the door. For instance, the main door needs to provide security and be weather-resistant. In addition, insulation might be a significant factor to consider if your house is in a cold place or experiences high summer temperatures. Last but not the least, if you live in a city and want to block out the external noises from traffic or other disturbances, then a sound-proof door is essential.

The area where the door is located also influences the type of material. Patio doors need to be weather-resistant, but they should also seamlessly blend the indoor and outdoor spaces. Therefore, glass would be a better option for patio doors. Similarly, for bathroom doors a moisture-resistant material is a must.

What type of door is ideal for the entrance?

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In addition to looking good, entry doors need to be functional as they are exposed to the elements, including sunlight, wind and rain. Wood is the most commonly used material for front doors, but steel and fiberglass are also suitable. Although glass is a sophisticated option for an entrance door, it doesn’t rank high in terms of security since it’s easy to break.

Depending upon the size and style of the door, the cost of a wood entry door can range from around INR 80 per square feet for a basic design to INR 700 per square feet for carved or decorative options. If you know a reliable carpenter, you can get a customised wooden front door at a more reasonable price. However, bear in mind that wood is a natural material that swells and warps due to continuous exposure to the elements. Therefore, you will need to polish and seal it regularly to extend its life. Additionally, the price can vary depending on the quality of wood.

A steel front door costs approximately INR 15,000 to INR 24,000, while a fibreglass door comes at a starting price of INR 135 per square foot.

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Are wooden or glass doors the classier option for entrances?

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Ghar Ek Sapna Interiors

It largely depends on the style of your house. In general, wooden doors are the perfect match for classic, rustic or country-style homes. However, wood in light tones can look just as good for the entry door for a modern, minimalist or Scandinavian-style house.

While glass doors are generally associated with modern houses, it’s not uncommon to find glass panels on the entrance door of a classic-style house. You need to choose based on the requirements of the area. For example, if the entrance passage doesn’t get much natural light, introducing an arched glass panel in the front door can be the solution to brighten up the interiors.

What type of door is ideal for a house located in a region with cold climate?

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Ghar Ek Sapna Interiors

Mr. KoteshwarRao Uppal

Ghar Ek Sapna Interiors

If you live in a cold place such as Shimla or even in a city such as New Delhi that experiences harsh winters, then it’s vital to get a door that insulates your house from the freezing temperature outside. Steel doors are a suitable option for insulation, but they can get scratched and dented easily.

Fiberglass is a bad conductor of heat and electricity, making it an excellent choice for an exterior door in a cold region. Additionally, doors made of this material are weather-resistant and low-maintenance.

What are the different options for the interior doors in the house?

Unlike the entry door and other exterior doors, you don’t have to spend much time deciding on the material to use for the interior doors. For one thing, they don’t have to be as secure as the exterior doors. Additionally, they are not exposed to the elements, so you don’t have to choose the sturdiest material.

For interior doors, plywood is a cost-effective option. It can be covered with a laminate to suit almost any décor style. You can get a 2.5 ft x 7 ft plywood door for around INR 2,500. Here again, the prices vary depending upon the design of the door. Panelled doors or customized ones are more expensive.

Perhaps bathroom doors are the only interior doors that need to be functional. It’s best to choose a water-proof option as plywood will rot when exposed to moisture unless you maintain it regularly by painting or coating it to protect the surface from water damage. Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) doors are ideal for bathrooms as they are maintenance-free and resistant to fungus. They cost around INR 150 to INR 450 per square foot.

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What are the factors to consider before buying a door?

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Before buying a door, it’s best to be aware of the types of materials and the pros and cons of each as this will simplify the decision.


Pros: Wood is a natural material that is not only beautiful but also strong and durable. It comes in a variety of shades and can be stained to suit any design style.

Cons: Wood doors require a lot of maintenance. Before they are installed, they need to be sealed to prevent them from absorbing moisture. Otherwise, they will warp over time. This seal as well as polish should be applied periodically to make the door last for a long time. Since it is a heavy material, the door can sag after a few years, and the frame and hardware might require repair or replacement.


Pros: Steel is the most energy efficient option for exterior doors. These doors don’t require much maintenance and are cheaper than wooden doors.

Cons: The material can get scratched or dented easily and is prone to rust once the surface is damaged. They are not easy to stain and can only be painted, but the paint can chip easily and will need to be touched up frequently.

Fibre glass

Pros: Fibre glass is an energy efficient material and great for insulation. It is also low-maintenance as it doesn’t scratch, dent or warp. It can be created in a variety of finishes, including wood.

Cons: Unlike wood, fibre glass is not a natural material. A high-quality and secure fibre glass door can be expensive.


Pros: Glass doors can withstand the elements and provide insulation from outdoor temperature and sound, if they are glazed or coated. They are durable and easy to install. 

Cons: They are not secure as they are easy to break. They are relatively expensive and high-maintenance as they need to be cleaned regularly to keep them sparkling.


Pros: Since it is not as strong or durable as other materials, plywood is best suited for interior doors. It can be painted, polished or laminated to match any design style and is a cheaper alternative to natural wood.

Cons: The material is not resistant to moisture. Therefore, it needs to be painted or coated regularly to prevent the material from rotting.

Choosing the right material for doors is not easy, especially since you need to consider functionality in addition to style. You can consult a professional interior designer to get help with making the best decision so that your doors last for many years.

Which of these materials will you choose for your front door? Leave a comment to tell us why.
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