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A modern home with stylish lighting in Mumbai

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These interiors by Hinge Architects, & Architects in Mumbai, are stunning, to say the least. Each little detail has been highlighted with the help of contrasting colours and materials. From the entrance to the indoor garden, and from the kitchen to the living area, everything in this house looks spectacular. So let’s take a tour!

Stylish design

The entry to the house is so spectacular; we can’t wait to see inside. The beautiful artwork of that resembles an infinity knot is a great idea to put here.

Indoor greenery

Indoor landscaping is becoming the norm these days. As we can see here, the indoor garden is small, but it is beautiful.

For the party animal

The bar has been crafted with exquisite care. Stainless steel cabinets support the marble platform. There are glass racks fitted right above the platform. Along with a beautiful mirror and metal backdrop.

Stunning lighting

The chandelier in the centre of the dinner table is absolutely beautiful. It lights up the room beautifully and creates a warm atmosphere.

In the middle

The view between the living area and the dining room shows us the open layout. Each wall and each ceiling is decorated with something beautiful.

The entertainment zone

The state of the art TV system and sound system is surrounded by speakers fitted right into the wall. This creates the perfect environment for watching a movie, right at home.

Divine area

This area is dedicated to the temple in the home. We love the idea of sliding glass doors, since it allows anyone in the home temple to shut off sounds from outside. The intricately carved details are beautiful.

The living room

The living room takes up a good amount of space, which is perfect, because this is where the family will spend most of their time. The fluffy rug, beautiful leather sofas and the glass centre table form the perfect trip of interior decor.

Classy kitchen design

This modern kitchen design is absolutely stunning. The blue hanging lamps, dark brown interiors and the white platform in the front are what enhance the beauty of this kitchen.

The charm of natural light

The kitchen has a backdoor that allows natural light to filter in. This access to the backyard means your kitchen can be open and airy all day.

Beautiful decor

The ceiling lights, especially on the edges, create a warm glow in the entire house. The dining table has uniquely designed chairs that are quite comfortable.

The TV wall

The wooden TV wall made of light polished wood is our favourite. The overall effect is beautiful, especially when combined with the vases on both sides.

The last view

These endless sofas look extremely comfortable and cosy. They also look quite stunning with the pure white leather upholstery.Step in to ever more creative spaces with our next home tour.How to make your small kitchen beautiful!

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!
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