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They say, home is the reflection of a person's personality. The colours, the openness, the organisation; all reflect the homeowner's taste and nature. It is easy to understand a person's sense of style through his/ her home decor; it can be minimalist, colourful and vibrant, rich in tradition, modern and contemporary or a mix of these; just like it's owners! A writer's home shall reflect the love for reading with a small area dedicated for books, a fitness enthusiast's home setup might have enough open/free space to exercise, and an art lover's home will integrate art all along. Are you an art enthusiast too but don't know where to start? Here are a few ideas to integrate art in a way that compliments your style and taste.

Paintings in the bedroom

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Bedroom designs

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The wall behind the bed, is the best wall to be highlighted in the bedroom, since the focus is already on it. If the bed is not too high, having one big painting aligned with the center of the bed with a focus light on it is a straight solution. The painting could be of a couple, faces of deity, flowers, or even an artistic abstract, the only requirement is for it to be soothing. Paintings of animals, war and sunsets are not recommended in bedroom. Adding small paintings complimenting the big one on any other blank wall can elevate and complete the look of an artistic bedroom. Adding Wall murals is another way to create some more drama.

Sculptures in the living room

Add spiritual touch to the living room, with beautiful sculptures of deities. There is nothing right or wrong when it comes to living room, so one can get as experimental as desired. Sculptures with water fountains make the living room come alive with the sound of falling water, sculptures of deities, complimented with a nice aroma adds serenity to the living room. Sculpture of a running or jumping horse looks beautiful and reflects energy. The placement of the sculpture should be such as to attract maximum attention, it should not be kept along with many other show pieces and should be highlighted well for best effect.

Design lamps in the kitchen

A kitchen is the most busy place in home, and is called the home's workplace. Making it interesting will make working in there more enjoyable. Since there is not much space on the walls of a kitchen due to shelves and cabinets for practical purposes, break the monotony and symmetry by adding a few hanging lamps. Design these lamps your own way, experimenting with different shapes and colors, mosaic glass lamps, or wooden straw lamps of different shapes and give the kitchen an artistic touch.

Design furniture in your favorite room

For a quick fix to art at home, go creative with furniture. Instead of the traditional couches and relaxing chairs, design a room the contemporary way with minimal furniture, benches, ottomans, and low seating arrangements. A tree trunk table with glass top gives a rustic feel, and the best part is just changing the location of the furniture around the home, brings about the much needed change.

Local Crafts in the Garden

Get creative with the garden, with local crafts. Painting the planting pots your own way with polka dots, stripes in bright colors will enhance the brightness. Using basic terracotta sculptures will be easy on pockets and since they will be kept in open and will get muddy and dirty, can be cleaned easily with water. Placing white riverbed stones in a thin bedding along the edge and little pots placed on those stones is going to up the art quotient many folds.

Installation art in the staircase

Stairs, can be made as interesting and as artistic as one wishes them to. Instead of having the usual rise and landing stair, using just planks of fiber glass or wood gives a modern and contemporary look to the staircase. The wall along the stairs can be used to best advantage with respect to art. One can use the wall along the stairs to display family and kids pictures, or to display souvenirs from the various places that one might have visited. Having concealed lighting on the rise of each stair illuminates the staircase beautifully.  

Here are some wall art ideas from Designmint of Bangalore.

Photography in the bathroom

Bathroom is not just the place for strict business anymore, its one of the rooms that requires a lot of storage and needs to look refreshing in order to refresh you everyday. Having small painting framed in varied shapes and placing them on the walls, or the cabinet doors can add an artistic touch to the bathroom. Always remember to keep the sizes in moderation since its usually a small room.

As legendary writer John Keats said A thing of beauty is a joy forever. Incorporating small pieces of art in home will not only make the place look more beautiful, it will also help keep your mind and soul refreshed. 

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