Bathroom makeover—7 Amazing tips

Sheetal Bhandari Sheetal Bhandari
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The one room in every home, that is visited everyday, is the bathroom. Bathroom decor is no longer considered a luxury but a necessity. Apart from being functional, a beautiful bathroom can be a great mood up lifter. This is the place where one actually refreshes and reinvigorates oneself. It is said to be the birthplace of the best ideas, since the mind is at peace here. So why not devote some more time and energy towards its interiors? Surprisingly, we keep renovating and refurnishing all other rooms except this one. Why not give the bathroom a totally new look and feel with these simple and effective bathroom makeover ideas. 

Changing the floor

Changing just the floor of the bathroom, can also do wonders to give it a completely renovated look. It does not require taking off and refitting the counters and shelves and mirrors from walls, and the bathroom is reusable in a couple of days. When it comes to floor, the options are abundant. A bright and dark floor against neutral walls adds depth to the bathroom and at the same time, feet/shoe marks are less visible on the floor. Tiles with smooth riverbed stones set only in the bathing area look great too. Printed Spanish mosaic tiles laid on the floor against dull beige walls is another floor change idea for a revamped bathroom. Why not step on to something extraordinary?

Changing the walls

Tiles are the most preferred material for the walls of a bathroom, since tiles are unaffected by water and are very easy to clean to sparkling new. There are still a few alternatives that can give the bathroom their much deserved change. Changing one wall of the bathroom to a mirror, where there is not much water contact will give the bathroom an illusion of more space and will serve as a full length bathroom mirror at the same time. Multicoloured glass can also be used preferably on the wall with lesser water contact, to add vibrancy. Tiles with natural wooden plank texture can also be used all over the bathroom, especially since the white and silver fittings stand out well against the wooden background.

Changing the Toilets

For a remodeling without much mess, new toilets can also give the bathroom a new appearance. Toilets tend to get worn out with constant usage and deposition of carbonates from the water. Getting new toilets can give the bathroom a fresh new look without much hassle. There are various prints, textures and designs available, like transparent sheets, striped sheets, coloured sheets, floral prints, three dimensional sheets, all with complimenting wash basins and bath tubs for a fast and low mess makeover. 

Increase the Windows

Breaking a wall to increase the size of a window is not always possible due to space constraints, and is a tedious task requiring a change of wall tiles too, but if it is possible it is totally worth it. Increasing the windows is a great freshness boost for the bathroom with respect to fresh air and light. There is nothing like a sunlit shower, and a sun dried, low humidity bathroom. If the bathroom window is facing other homes, having a translucent glass lets the light in without compromising the privacy.

Adding more storage

A bathroom is a place where more is always less. When it comes to storing in the bathroom, right from towels, washclothes, toiletries, basic cosmetics, disposables to shavers, dryers, undergarments and even the books that you read while you are in there, need space in that little room. So, the more storage space you have the better. Give your bathroom a brighter and more organized appearance by adding a few extra shelves and drawers to store more of your important stuff and even display a few show pieces to up lift the look.

Better Lighting

As they say, beauty lies in the eyes of beholder, shifting the focus to beautiful things can make the bathroom look more beautiful. Using focus lights to highlight the counter, or a simple painting on the bathroom wall can add glamour to the little room. Highlighting a small corner shelf with a small showpiece, or using small concealed lights to illuminate one's collection of perfumes can improve the look of the bathroom immensely.

Have a look at these ideas for interesting bathroom lighting.

Plants for fresh air

Using natural plants in bathroom is a low cost and sustainable solution for a beautiful looking bathroom. The plants add to the beauty, add texture to the room and also act as a natural air purifier. If there is space constraint, keeping small water lily plants on the counter or shelves can add the greenery and if space is no problem, creativity is all you need to add plants as per ones desire. 

You can rarely go wrong with indoor plants. This is an ideabook that plant enthusiasts would love.

Bathroom makeover is often held back due to its high usage. But if you are still to move in to your new place or have an option of a second bathroom, do not delay the much needed makeover that your bathroom deserves. The time spent on the makeover will be well worth it ! A refreshing bathroom can help elevate one's mood as well. So burn a soothing aroma in a lamp and enjoy a relaxing bath to start or end your day.

Which tip did you like the most? Let us know in your comments below.

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