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Make the most of a small balcony

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There are many wonderful things about living in an urban area; it is close to everywhere, you are never short of friends nearby, and anything that you may want is only a short stroll away. There is however one drawback to inner city living, the lack of connection to the outdoors. The ability to grow plants in a garden and sit out in the fresh air enjoying the sunshine on your face is a wonderful way to spend your free time. This can be difficult in an apartment or flat in the inner city area. Some apartments do not have any balconies, and others have such small balconies it seems that there is hardly anything you can do with them. No matter how small your balcony, there are wonderful ways that you can decorate it to create a beautiful, relaxing area to enjoy the outdoors. homify has some fantastic tips to help you.

​Calculate the Space and Design your Project

Balcony makeover - English Studio Earthbox Country style balcony, veranda & terrace
Studio Earthbox

Balcony makeover—English

Studio Earthbox

The first step in creating your very own stunning balcony space is to create a plan. Take a measuring tape and measure the space that you have available. With these measurements draw a simple diagram to scale. This is a great way of knowing what will fit into the space and what will not. Next, consider how you will use the balcony; will it be for sitting and relaxing, growing herbs and other plants or for entertaining with friends. Sketch in any items you want to include in the design. Once you have this diagram, it will be surprising to see just how many things will fit into such a small space. Before long you will be running around the house measuring all the furniture to see if it will fit on the balcony. This balcony was designed by Studio Earthbox.

​Multifunctional Furniture to Save Space

Private apartment in Milan CityLife complex Studio Marco Piva Modern balcony, veranda & terrace
Studio Marco Piva

Private apartment in Milan CityLife complex

Studio Marco Piva

The size of balconies in inner city areas can vary greatly . Some small one bedroom apartments can have surprisingly large balconies, while other larger apartments can have very small balconies. Whatever size your balcony may be, it is a good idea to plan what you will include in your design to make the most of the functional space. One wonderful thing to include in small spaces is multifunctional furniture. This furniture has several functions, not just the one it is designed for. This small balcony has a a few carefully chosen pieces for this small space. The set of drawers is a great example of a piece of multifunctional furniture. This piece serves as a storage space for any outside items as well as a table to put things such as drinks and food for any visitors.  For more ideas about outdoor furniture see Garden Furniture Centre.

​Natural Furniture

One of the best reasons to enjoy time in the outdoors is to get back to nature. It is wonderful to feel the fresh air against your skin and the sun on your face. To further enhance this sense of nature and the outdoors on a small balcony, consider using natural materials for the furniture. Furniture made from lightweight and natural fibres such as cotton, cane and rattan. Match this with a selection of plants to create your own private nature reserve. Mix plants of different sizes and heights to create a feeling of space. Depending on the size of your balcony, you could also include a small wooden table for entertaining. This balcony is a great example of a calm and peaceful place to convene with nature.

Use the Balustrade

One of the secrets to making the most of a small balcony is being able to use every bit of space. One bit of space that is not often used is the balustrade. There are many ways this extra bit of space can be used. String lights along the outside of the balustrade to create a sense of depth from the inside,  allow a vine to grow along the balustradie to make your own jungle, or place plants along the top of the balustrade to make the space appear larger. This clever balustrade barbecue is a very clever idea. Traditional barbecues tend to be large and bulky. This cleve device provides all the advantages of a barbecue without the bulk. It also provides large garden experiences on a small balcony. 

Connect the Balcony with the Interior

Having a balcony is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. It provides your own personal space to enjoy the sun and air. Although having a balcony can mean more than just this. It can also mean bringing the outdoors inside. One great way to bring the outdoors inside is by connecting the inside design to the outdoor design. This can be done by reflecting the colours and motifs inside with those on the balcony. Another wonderful way to connect the inside with a small balcony is with large glass doors. This provides a way to open up the division between the spaces and allow the indoors to merge into the balcony, making the balcony appear to be an extension of the living space.

​Hang a Hammock

Cuadro Rosa Cotton Double Hammock Emilyhannah Ltd Garden Furniture
Emilyhannah Ltd

Cuadro Rosa Cotton Double Hammock

Emilyhannah Ltd

If space is at a premium in your balcony the answer may be a hammock. Hammocks can be versatile pieces of furniture. When they are needed they can be brought out and strung up. When they are not in use, they can be rolled up for use at another time. They can also be used in an area where there is not space for chairs. If you are a mad plant lover, you may have filled your balcony with plants. There may be no space for a sofa or even a chair. For these spaces a hammock is a perfect solution. This stunning hammock is an example of how attractive hammocks have become in recent years. This pink striped hammock would be a wonderful addition to any small balcony.

Use Custom-Made Furniture

When we think of a balcony, we often imagine a comfortable sofa, with a table where we sit comfortably drinking a coffee with a friend or two. Unfortunately, many small balconies are not large enough to entertain a group of people comfortably. This can be disappointing, although one wonderful solution is custom made furniture. Custom made furniture is made specifically for the location. It is made with the exact proportions in mind, so that it does not waste a single centimetre of space. This is perfect for a small balcony as there is often little space to fit most sized outdoor furniture. This furniture fits into the balcony space perfectly, like custom made furniture. It is easy to see how this kind of furniture can be made specifically to fit in small spaces, like a small balcony.

Having a balcony is a wonderful way to experience nature. No matter what size your balcony is, there are clever ways to make it flexible and functional in order to experience the best of the space. First come up with a design based on the purpose you intend to use it. Then be creative in including all the things you want to fully enjoy the space. Consider using the space on the balustrading, or hanging a hammock instead of chairs. Custom made furniture is another great way to make the most of the space. For more inspiration on great balcony designs see Balcony Inspirations.

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