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7 ways to cool down a hot kitchen

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A hot kitchen can be terribly uncomfortable to work in, especially when it's burning hot outside and you're cooking over an open flame, but it doesn't have to be this way. In today's article, we would like to share some great tips with you on how to make the kitchen cooler. Most of the ideas do not require you to spend lots of money on kitchen renovation, instead buying a few simple things like an induction cooking stove, pressure cooker, curtains or fan could make a world of difference to reduce the soaring temperatures in the kitchen. There are also some ideas here to cool down your kitchen which don't require money at all and are quite effective. We encourage you to join us and find out more! 

1. Use an induction stove

Traditional stoves can make a kitchen unbearably hot, especially if it is a small kitchen with no ventilation system or fan. One of the most effective ways of cooling down a hot kitchen is to replace the traditional stove with an induction cooking stove which prevents generating excess heat by directing the energy onto the pan instead of the air in the kitchen. For more ideas, please also read our article titled 7 smart home designs for hot and humid Indian weather.

2. Use appliances such as microwaves




Appliances such as microwaves, pressure cookers, rice cookers and electric grills can also prevent the kitchen from getting too hot. Instead of using the stove, you can also use these appliances to cook your meals. They will also save you a lot of time in the kitchen. Another super simple thing you can do is to simply reduce cooking and eat salads and cold food instead. Besides, it's also a better diet for hot weather. Drinking lots of water before you start cooking can also help to cool things down by reducing your own body temperature. 

3. Get a ceiling fan or table fan

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Fans can help circulate the air in the kitchen and make it cooler. If you already have a ceiling fan in the kitchen, try adding another table fan to the kitchen to cool things down more. You can also try making your very own DIY air-conditioner using a table fan and a frozen bottle of water. All you need to do is put a bottle full of water in the freezer until it turns to ice and then attach the frozen water bottle to the fan. The result is a fan that blows cold air evaporating from the ice—a DIY air-conditioner. 

4. Avoid using the oven

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We highly recommend that you avoid using the oven as it heats up the kitchen too much. As we have mentioned earlier, there are many other cooking appliances you can use in the kitchen to prevent excess heat such as induction stoves, microwaves, pressure cookers, slow cookers, electric grills and rice cookers. If you really have to use the oven, make an effort to start your food preparation earlier in the morning when the weather is not as hot. The food can always be warmed up in a microwave later when it is ready to be eaten. 

5. Cover up the windows with blinds or curtains

A lot of heat comes into the room with glass windows. Therefore if you have windows in your kitchen, it's best to cover them up with blinds or curtains so that the heat doesn't penetrate through as easily. This will keep your kitchen well-shaded, cooler and also perhaps make it more visually interesting. For more information, you might want to read our article titled 5 tips for buying curtains.

6. Wear suitable clothes

A hot kitchen instantly becomes more bearable when you're wearing the suitable clothes. So shed off any heavy clothing and try to keep it as light as possible when you're in the kitchen. If your home allows you the privacy, cooking in the nude may be a cooler option, but be careful not to get any hot oil splashed on yourself! 

7. Use as little lights as possible

Lighting can heat up a room quite a lot too, especially depending on the lights being used. Therefore, we highly recommend using as little lights as possible in the kitchen. Installing a few spotlights in the ceiling should be more than sufficient. It's best to get rid of low-hanging pendant lamps. 

We hope you've gathered some useful tips on how to cool down the kitchen. For more ideas like this, please refer to our article titled 5 ways to cool a hot bedroom.

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