How should you design the storage in a house?

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Storage is a key factor that contributes towards making a house look beautiful. By providing space to hide away the clutter, it makes the interiors look neat and spacious. One of the biggest mistakes you can make while designing your house is not to plan for enough storage. Whether it’s closets in the bedrooms or organizers within the kitchen drawers, designing units that are customized to your needs can help to solve the problem of storage, especially in small homes.

When it comes to storage, you can never have too much! Of course, every homeowner’s lifestyle is different, and what works in one home needn’t necessarily be successful in another. Hiring a professional interior designer, who understands your needs and designs storage to meet your family’s requirements, is the best way to go about planning the storage in your home, whether you are remodelling your house or building a new one. Today, we present storage ideas to help you to get a better perspective of the type of storage you should include in your home.

How to organise your store room or pantry




Many Indian houses and apartments come with a store room adjoining the kitchen. This can be a useful space if it is well planned. Otherwise, it can turn into a junk room where anything that is not used frequently is piled up in a disorderly manner, making it impossible to find something when you need it.

Full storage and island kitchen homify Modern kitchen

Full storage and island kitchen


If the store room is attached to the kitchen, the ideal role for it is as a pantry where non-perishable food items can be stored. Instead of cupboards, open shelves are recommended for a store room or pantry so that you can spot things easily. Pull out drawers are a better option if the shelves are deep, as they will allow you to access items at the back.

In a small kitchen, a pantry cupboard with pocket shelves on the door or a tall slide-out unit with steel racks can serve as a substitute for a well-organised pantry.

Get more ideas for amazing storage solutions for the kitchen.

How to store food

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Interior Designs


When you organize your kitchen, it’s important to consider accessibility. For example, spice bottles should ideally be stored close to the stove so that they are within reach when you cook. Perishables such as vegetables and cooked food can be stored in the refrigerator, but make sure you choose the right size and with sufficient freezer space. 

Onions, potatoes, ginger, garlic and other vegetables that don’t need to be refrigerated should be kept in a well-ventilated unit or even in a supplemental stand with wire baskets. Items such as grains, lentils, flours and cereal can be stored in the pantry unit. When designing your kitchen, planning where everything will be placed can help to create a well-organized space.

Storage solutions for modern homes

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Urban Shaastra

The Staircase—1

Urban Shaastra

Every room in your house needs storage so that items can be organised to keep the area looking spacious. All it involves is clever design, and modern technology provides ample solutions to make use of every inch, whether it’s closets under the stairs or hidden storage in the living room wall.

With the variety of materials and hardware systems available in the market, you can design concealed or open storage even in the tiniest room. It’s best to work with an interior architect or designer to plan the perfect solution in every room.

How to store clothes without using too much space




Most bedrooms in modern apartments are too small for a walk-in wardrobe, but you can optimise the available space by creating organized storage. Within cupboards, using space-saving hangers for clothes and accessories will allow you to store a lot more within the limited space. Besides this, getting a bed with storage underneath can help to increase the available space. It can be used to store clothes that you don’t need during a season. For example, during summer, woolens and winter coats can be packed and stowed in the drawers under the bed.

If you run out of space in the bedroom for your clothes, look at other areas in the house where you can install shelves or a cupboard to manage the overflow. In the bathroom, under-counter storage can be used to keep linen and towels so that some of your closet space in the bedroom is freed up. Similarly, shoes can be stored in a cupboard under the stairs or in the hallway.

In a tiny room that has absolutely no space for a cupboard, open storage is an option worth considering. Of course, this comes with the challenge of keeping the room looking neat always. However, this problem can be solved easily by fixing a curtain that can be drawn to cover the mess. Another option is to use baskets or bins to store clothes neatly. These can be stacked on the wall shelves to keep the room looking organised.

In which part of the house should you store books?

The best space for storing books depends on where you read them as well as the number of books you need to store. Books make a lovely décor accessory in a living room, so whether you store them in a glass cabinet or an open shelf, they will add style to the space. Bear in mind that an open shelf will attract dust easily, which means you will need to spend more time to clean it.

If you are the kind of person who likes to read at bedtime, then the bedroom is the best place to store your books. Nowadays, you find innovative solutions for storing books in the bedroom, including shelves built into the headboard to save space.

RESIDENTIAL PROJECT homify Eclectic style living room



A bookshelf can also function as a partition that visually separates two areas in the house. For instance, it can be used to divide the living room from the dining area or the bedroom from the dressing area.

Multifunctional furniture is another innovative solution for storing books. We already mentioned shelves built into the headboards of beds. Similarly, they can be incorporated into the side or back panel of the sofa or a desk.

How do you store a bike in a small space?

Usually, bikes are stored in the garden, yard or balcony. However, not every home, especially an apartment, comes with a balcony or outdoor space. In a condominium, storing it in the corridor outside your house is not advisable as it can get stolen, besides making the entrance of your house look cramped. Additionally, most apartment residents’ associations have rules that prevent you from using the public areas to store your personal belongings.

Don’t fret! With just a few simple hooks or clamps, you can mount the bike on a wall inside your house to keep the floor clear for daily cleaning. Additionally, it can serve as a cool accessory on your wall, especially if you paint the wall in a contrast colour, making the bike look like a modern art installation.

Before you get started with building your house, analyse the available wall space, recesses and other structural elements to identity areas where you can include storage. The best way to get an idea of the amount of storage you need is to sort through your belongings. Based on the different things you need to store and the place where you need to use them, you can design sufficient storage in each space.

Get inspired by these designs to create hidden storage in your home.

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