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19 amazing pictures of living rooms from Mumbai homes

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Through from its location, we cannot say that a living room is the centre of a home. But in reality it is the centre of any home not from its location but from its importance.  It is the room that makes a home homey and keeps the family and friends together. It is the room where we spend most of our waking time and welcomes our guests. It’s a place to relax and rejuvenate and enjoy the leisure time with the loved ones or some ‘me’ time alone.

The most common choice when it comes to living room design is to make it stylishly sophisticated to impress the guests. It is also decorated with a personal touch keeping in mind the comfort of the family because you don’t entertain guests every day. The ideal living room is a perfect blend of designer’s dream and personal taste of the residents. Everyone has a different imagination and concept about their home and living room occupies a special position in those imaginations. Depending upon the style, colour, fabric, paintings, art pieces and decoration materials, each living room becomes alive and vibrant.

Today we have brought for you 19 amazing living rooms designs from Mumbai homes. Some are from small apartments, some from spacious flats and some from large homes; but each is unique in its own way introducing us to the fascinating personality of the people for whom it’s their home. Have a look!

1. Exotic elegance with a generous touch of vibrant and diverse Indian culture and tradition.

2. Modern and sophisticated where simplicity in design speaks for itself

3. Rustic touch perfectly blended with neutral colour scheme

4. A class apart: designer’s innovation and owners comfortable style

5. Light and breezy with calm and soothing colour spread on floor

6. Less is more to get that perfect minimalist and sophisticated feel

7. Bold and beautiful even within a limited space

8. Creativity with a twist, beautiful chandelier hanging from above and sunlight washing the floor, all eyes on me

9. Perfect blend of attractive and elegant colour scheme which will never go out of style

10. Glamorous and chic with pop-up colours and simplicity

11. Cozy and elegant, a smart amalgamation of formal and informal setting

12. Embrace the warmth of wood inside with the coolness of greenery outside

13. Keeping in line with elegance without compromising on comfort

14. Reflective style to double the beauty of the space

15. View from top or below, don't forget to blink your eyes

16. Aesthetic beauty of the wall art and then some more art on the wood




17. Natural or artificial, light is an important element in making the day bright and evening romantic

18. Gorgeously simple that find substance in minimalism

19. India-inspired style abundant in colour and filled with favourable energy

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Which stylish idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!
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