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Pooja room designs—7 stunning ideas

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India is a land of Gods, rituals and spirituals. Pooja rooms are an integral part of vernacular Indian homes. In this era of space crunch and innovations for optimum utilization of space, creativity has become the need of the hour. This idea guide presents some beautiful and exquisite ideas for creating and decorating a pooja room in your house.

Elevated pooja platform

Pooja room Houses by homify

Pooja room


This pooja corner provides a serene environment within the living room. It is separated from the entire room by a raised platform on floor and artificial ceiling at the top. The ceiling is effectively used to light the prayer space. Walled cabinet is used to place pictures of God. This cabinet is dimly lightened to enhance serenity.  This exquisitely designed pooja platform is ideal place for praying and meditating. Best part of this platform is its intricacy to embed with the living room. This beautiful pooja room is designed by Neeras design studio.

Fiery golden draped pooja room

This attractive golden yellow curtain functions as a separator between pooja room and the living space. Pooja room can be created anywhere and separated by this delicate art piece which can serve a dual purpose. It provides a right amount of ambience to the room since golden yellow is considered as pious for pooja rooms. This drape gives the liberty of decorating the pooja room with style and flavors of an individual. Bright yellow color adds brightness to the living space and gives just the right ambience to the pooja room.

Golden yellow pooja room

This beautiful fiery golden yellow pooja room is apt for individuals who like bright colors. Golden yellow color is signifying the enthusiasm and charisma of sun God. Tainted glasses with beautiful patterns are giving an elegant style to the light patterns. Pictures of God placed on the base of the altar supplementing the entire look of the place. This area is traditionally separated and is in the form of the room. This pooja room is apt for big homes.

Classy yellow—white pooja room

This classy pooja room is an elegant mix of traditional and contemporary style wherein a contemporary Ganesh idol in cool white is complementing traditional mural art of Lord Krishna in fiery orange yellow color. Minimal ensemble of art pieces ensures that two Gods are highlighted in minutest details. This Pooja room is creating an ambience for one and all and is appropriate for big houses with ample spaces. Intricately carved panel at the back in traditional style ensures connectivity with rest of the house. Thoughtfully placed drawers provide enough storage space for the pooja room.

​Stylish mystique pooja corner

This elevated panel with hidden lights is creating a mystique space appropriate for any pooja corner. Intricately carved panel in white with appropriately placed idols of God are serving as artifacts and enhancing the beauty of place. Two beautiful bells hanging from the top are adding to the ambiance. Yellow lights emerging from the holes of the panel are providing right amount of brightness to the area. This panel has ample space for keeping necessary pooja items.

​Contemporary pooja room

This modern day pooja room is designed for the taste of individuals who prefer neutral colors and contemporary styles. The transparent glass panel is separating the corner with the rest of the living area in a very stylish manner. Bell hanging from the top is adding to the charm and essence of the room. Minimal artifacts in the altar are making sure that the pace looks clutter free and goes with the essence of serenity and calmness apt for pooja room. Elevated staircase altar is providing enough space to keep the necessary pooja articles. Milky white light from back of the glass is completing the whole look. This place is ideal to be kept anywhere in the room.

Elegant silvery pooja room

Pooja room wall with Carved Marble cladding Modern corridor, hallway & stairs by Hasta architects Modern
Hasta architects

Pooja room wall with Carved Marble cladding

Hasta architects

This gracefully designed and intricately assembled pooja corner is ideal for placing in a corner of living room. Silvery white carved marble walls are highlighting wooden work at the background which is also serving as auspicious altar to place the idols of God. Beautifully and rightly placed framed picture of God highlighted with lights at appropriate places exhibits right utilization of space. The contrast between white and brown and thought fully placed pooja pieces and silvery white idol is making this pooja room a must buy corner.

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