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7 design fundamentals to keep in mind while decorating the corridors

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The first impression counts! When it comes to our home, the corridor or the hallway becomes our introduction. The importance of corridor is not overstated as it is the transitional space within our home which leads us to the entire home. Often we just quickly pass through it without paying much attention to the décor here, but we often pass through the corridor. These humble corridors provide us with immense opportunity to showcase our style, flaunt out artwork, play with light or just be creative for a powerful ‘first impression’. However, you need to break the monotony of the space and create focal points in the narrow to wide or even a boxy corridor to make it stand out.

Bearing this in mind we have come up with some basic design suggestions for decorating the corridors which will solve your corridor decorating dilemma. Have a look!

​1. All eyes on me

Create an attention grabbing focal point in the corridor to impress your guest and make you feel at home the moment you step here. The simplicity of the space is enhanced by the beautiful sculpture fixed on the wall. The beauty of this focal point is further improved by the lights emancipating from behind. The space of the corridor is well utilized by placing two chairs and crafted table holding a modern sculpture showcasing the owner’s love for art and sculpture. Colour is thrown in the form of rug and the beauty of the space is reflected in the mirror of the wall.

​Creating a focal point

If the staircase of your house is visible from the corridor, make it the focal point and then design the space around it. Take a clue from here and create a drama in the corridor. Stone wall, marble flooring, an indoor garden and then the modern staircase crafted with style; it’s stunning.

2. ​Generosity of the width

Generous space in the hallways gives you liberty to exploit the width and height to the fullest. You can accommodate furniture and little bit of more details and decoration here. In fact you can use it as an introduction to your personality. The corridor of this modern home creates a right balance between the sophisticated harmonies with vibrant paintings on the wall. Generous width allows for seating arrangements and a cabinet and sufficient height makes room for wooden warmth and elaborate detailing above.

​The other side of the facet

The jinx with storing space is that no matter how much you have, it is still less. So… if your corridor is generously wide, you may think of using it and making it a walk to remember forever. Obviously, you can show your creativity. There is no need to build yet another closed cabinet here. Let it be something different, moving with the flow and filled with your beautiful imagination and love for collecting souvenirs. Be particular with the details, like the wall, lighting, flooring… just make it amazingly welcoming.

​3. Living with a purpose

Whether it is a modern or a traditional home, extra storage space is always welcome there. Corridor is a perfect place to build some extra storage space that will prove to be a boon. The trick is in building the storage smartly so that it contributes generously in elevating the beauty of the space and merges with the décor of the house. Here the beautiful high table with drawers contrast and complements the modern decor on the wall.

​Harmony in the space

The other option with built-in storage space could be by engaging the same wall and create a harmony in design and colour for a calmer and cooler feel. A beautiful wall can be created as a focal point where the corridor ends.

​4. Breaking the monotony

The details have been captured here with élan and the monotony of colour is broken with dignity. The painted wall is complemented with rattan blinds and pictures hanging on the wall. Confusion on the floor ends where the corridor ends and living room begins. Then the abstract lamp hanging from above is in contrast with clean cut of the box bench below. It’s unity in diversity!

Calm and serene walk

The long and narrow corridor is quite challenging to design. Break the monotony of the narrowness and length of the space by making it shine from above and below. Make it flamboyant. Take some clue from here and make it centre of attraction.

​5. Display with love

Display what you love in the corridor and see how attractive it will look. If you love gardening, create an indoor garden here and bask in the glory of your love and nature right inside your home.

​Display with affection

The other idea is to display what you and your family love the most doing together. It could be your books fondly collected over the years or it may anything you want. Stay connected with your common love.

​6. The magic of light

Just a simple lighting can completely transform the space and make your day beautiful and evening romantic. It’s not necessary that the magic can be created only by elaborate chandelier or hanging lamps. In fact the modern way to enlighten the space can bring in freshness and romance into the space. The harmony in hanging lamps on the wood panel against the natural charm of the stone wall brings in a distinct character into the hallway.

​Shining from above

The beauty and attractiveness of this corridor would not have been the same without the spot lights strategically fixed to make the space pious and livelier. Look for the lamps that suit the space and your temperament and make your evenings romantic.

​7. Art on the wall

Imagine walking into a beautiful house adorn by amazing paintings on the wall. It will surely force you to stop and admire the art on the wall. Hallway is the best place to flaunt the choicest of your art collection. Your guest will definitely take notice of it and be impressed of your arty taste. In a long corridor even if it is narrow you can hang the paintings all along the walls and even at the end of the corridor.

​One for the boxy corridor

If the corridor is small and boxy, make the wall look amazingly beautiful or just hang one single painting; that will be enough to make a statement. Make it the focal point and then decorate the space around it.

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Did you find these ideas amazing? We are waiting to hear from you.

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