6 Interesting Ideas for Pooja Room decor

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India follows a lot of cultures and traditions. The belief in the almighty brings us close to our culture. The prayers offered and the customs followed are the traditions we keep and pass on to the next generations. One such very auspicious occasion celebrated with much zeal in the entire country is Ganesh Chaturthi. Often people want to decorate the houses and especially the pooja rooms to keep the gods and goddesses in a very beautiful and clean place. Here are some very pretty ideas to decorate the pooja rooms and the pooja spaces in houses for the auspicious ganesh chaturthi.

Sculptures as decor

Keeping the Idol sculptures like shown here adds a divine feel to the house. The air becomes very pure and the presence of god makes it a very beautiful place to live in. Not always should Idol Sculptures be kept in the pooja rooms. For those who do not have a specific pooja room, placing the idols in this manner becomes equally good. The platform made to stand the sculpture gives height to it. The pretty piece of art is not just to appreciate but also a perfect place to pray.

A simple pooja area

One very important aspect of the pooja space is that it needs to be absolutely clean so as to bring positive energy in the house. They say, “Cleanliness is Godliness”. Let’s keep the place neat and tidy. A small glass partition in the area to enclose the idols and make a small space in the room is a very nice idea. Placing different levels to keep the idols beautiful enhances the décor effectively

Pooja room walls design

The pooja room in the house is one auspicious room that should always stay the prettiest room in the house. The beautiful wall designs and textures look sacred with the very auspicious idols of God. The bright lights and the color of the walls also contribute to the beauty of the room. The wooden panel here marks the place preferred to keep the idols with the high leveled floor to place idols with the other prayer accessories. The lamps, bandhanwars, candle stands and the flowers in the room further add to the elegance and the black floor gives it a very modern look.  

Pooja room decor

The pooja room should always stay clean and tidy. The aroma and the lights are the essence of this room. The presence of God and the prayers that linger in the room have the power to bring energy and peace into it. Let the room stay aromatic and lit up with the beautiful candles and other aromatic candles The various designs and aromas of these candles enhance the feel in the pooja room and make it look much more beautiful. Soothing the senses the dim lights from these candles look spectacular. Have a look here for more wooden accesories. 

The wall with Lord Ganesha imbibed

Another very chic and very traditional idea is to have a beautiful wall relief like this one. Having it imbibed on one of the pooja room walls or any other walls not just makes one feel the presence of god everywhere but also the very beautiful art design looks immensely pretty on the walls. Ganesha in the modern design look splendid and enhance the pooja room with its presence.

Auspicious conch shell

The Conch shell is a very efficient wind instrument that is used to create sound and is a sacred symbol of peace, love, Birth, Life, Resurrection and Good Luck. A very hold instrument this brass piece looks beautiful and is a rare piece. Keeping it in the Pooja room is not just auspicious but also very elegant looking. Said to be one of the attributes of Lord Vishnu (The Preserver God), this instrument brings energy and life into the house and keeps the air pure. 

With much a-do we celebrate the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi and love to decorate our houses with the arrival of Lord Ganesha in these days. Why not use different accessories and designs to make the lord happy and shower positive energy into the house. It is a beautiful way of celebrating life, light and presence of God. Have a happy and blessed Ganesh Chaturthi this year with these beautiful ideas to decorate the house and the pooja rooms! 

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