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6 tips on how to maintain and repair kitchen marble countertops

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Marble countertops can be repaired in several different ways depending on the type of damage, whether it's a stain or a bruise or scratch. Certain stains can be relatively easy to remove, but more stubborn stains and other damages can be quite challenging to repair. However, today we're here to guide you on 6 various techniques for repairing damaged marble countertops. Please leave us a comment in the end if this article was helpful. 

1. Waxing

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Over time, marble can lose its shine, but it can be easily restored by regular waxing. Waxing adds an additional later to the surface of the marble which prevents it from any further damage. 

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2. Varnishing

To coat the surface of the marble countertop, you can use polyurethane varnish. Spreading polyurethane is similar to waxing in the sense that it will form a protective layer on surface of the marble countertop. Varnishing also brings back the shine to the marble.

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3. Epoxy Sealant

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 An epoxy sealant can be used For minor cracks. It can easily be found at hardware stores and is not expensive. The countertop should be wiped dry before applying the sealant. Apply the sealant to the scratches or cracks and use a neat moist cloth to clear away any excess epoxy. After the sealant dries, gently polish it so that it shines. 

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4. Tin Oxide

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Scratches and stains on the surface of the marble can be fixed using tin dioxide or grade polishing powder. Use a piece of felt fabric to apply the powder on the marble countertop then gently rub it into the marble’s surface until the scratch or stain fades away or disappears. 

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5. Epoxy Adhesive

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Marble countertops that have been cracked or chipped should be treated with caution. First, carefully take out the chip or broken piece. Then clean the space properly with acetone and a clean cloth. Spread a thin layer of epoxy and then reapply the chipped or damaged piece with care. Clear away any leftover epoxy. After it dries, wax the spot or use polyurethane to varnish the countertop. 

6. Poultice Stain Removal

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If your marble countertop was damaged by wax or other debris, make a poultice of diatomaceous earth and 50-70 percent peroxide. Then mix it until there forms a thick, creamy consistency. Before you start applying it, wet the stain space with some water. Next, apply the mixture over the stain and wrap it with plastic cover and totally seal the whole area. Make sure you poke a few little holes in the surface of the wrap to let the air in and allow the poultice to dry for a day at least. Ensure that the poultice is really dry, then take off the plastic cover and remove it with a putty knife, being cautious not to scratch the marble. You may need to repeat the procedure until the stain is completely gone.

We hope this article has been helpful. For more ideas like this, please refer to 12 pictures of kitchens with granite and marble countertops.

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