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Home décor ideas for small apartment

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Apartments come in all shapes and sizes. One of the main factors that one has to keep in mind while planning the décor of the apartment is the size. While large apartments give you a lot of advantage in this regard and you get to experiment a lot with different themes, smaller apartments pose a bigger challenge. The space is limited and you have to try your best to accommodate as much as you can. This is where judicious use of the available space comes into play. Here are some really great ideas that would allow you to beautify your small apartment and make the best use of all the space available.

Make use of sliding doors in your home

Sliding doors are a very good option if you have limited space. You can put sliding doors almost anywhere whether it leads to a bathroom, balcony, and room and even for the wardrobes. Making use of sliding doors would allow you to put in more stuff in a room which otherwise would not have been possible because you had to leave space for the door to easily open and close. Even if you leave the space empty and not put anything there, the room would look spacious. This is the perfect option for small apartments where you would want to maximize any available space.

Invest in multi-function furniture

Multi-function furniture can be considered as one of the biggest boons for the modern day house owner. It allows you to get the best and latest designs for your house and at the same time manage the available space very smartly. There are various kinds of multi-function furniture that are available for purchase such as the sofa cum bed or the sofa with an arm rest that can be used as a laptop table. The sofa shown in this design is based on the same concept. This would be perfect for using in the living room or a family room. The sofa is plush and comfortable and can seat three people comfortably. Since the arm rest serves the purpose of a table a coffee table or side table is not required. So anyone who buys this would be able to save up on the space taken up by tables.

Use fold out tables in the apartment

This design is a very good example of how one can make use of fold out tables in the apartment to save space. On a larger scale this design has also been replicated to create a dining table for two people. A writing table need not be very large and this design allows the owner to couple the table with useful storage shelves. This design can be implemented in a corner space in any room or in the bedroom. Since all one needs is a blank wall and enough space to keep a chair one is restricted in the choice of location. Overhead lamps can complete this look and also provide ample lighting while working. This is an excellent option for bachelor apartments or for people living alone.

Make use of lofts and mezzanine levels in the apartment

The loft space in small apartments can actually be a goldmine of hidden space. This area is either completely ignored or is only used for storing items that are no longer required. Instead of using this as a storage space the loft and mezzanine levels can be put to many other uses. If the owner does not have items to be kept in storage then the loft can be used to create sleeping spaces. If the house has high ceilings then this kind of space can be created like in this design. It would be the perfect place to make a comfortable sleeping spot.

Make use of mirrors to give the illusion of space

Shoreditch Apartment 1 YAM Studios Modern living room
YAM Studios

Shoreditch Apartment 1

YAM Studios

The owner cannot create more space out of an existing apartment but he or she can give the illusion of more space. This is easily achieved by making use of mirrors throughout the apartment. As shown in this design, large mirrors can be used as a part of the living room placed next to the furniture. It would be reflect light from the window and the overhead lamps which would make the room seem bright and airy. This is a huge advantage that one would get with the use of mirrors.

One might think that with small apartments the options for designing and décor are very limited but contrary to this popular notion one can get really creative with small apartments and spaces. It is the perfect opportunity to let the creative juices flowing.

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