5 things to know before buying cookware for your kitchen

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Healthy and sensible eating lays lots of emphasis on what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat. But have you ever consider the basic fact that how the food is prepared and in which cookware it is cooked and stored is also equally important. It’s important to choose the right cookware or baking tray while preparing food. Traditionally the food was prepared in aluminium utensils. However, researches have proved that cooking in aluminium cookware is not good for health as harmful chemicals leak from the utensils and seep into the food being cooked in it. It may create hormonal imbalance in the body and cause cancer.

Innovation in technology has revolutionized the kitchen too and market is flooded with lots of options in cookware and bake ware. Often is becomes quite confusing to what to select and what not to. We know that how important it is for you to keep your family healthy. So we have come up with a few tips to select the safe and healthy cookware for your kitchen. Have a look!

​1. Stainless steel

It’s the most common cookware in our home which is also used to store and serve the food. It is durable, cheap, and easily available in all size and shapes. It is widely found in Indian homes since it is fit to cook any type of food in the method we Indians prefer to cook. It can be cleaned easily with any scrubs; in fact you can use steel scrub too to clean it. Though it is not much reactive, still it leaks iron, nickel and chromium to the food. This makes it a little risky for family’s health.

​2. Ceramic cookware

Ceramic cookware is good for baking and heating. It is preferred because it cooks evenly and doesn’t spread any harmful chemicals in the food. Its smooth and scratch-proof surface makes cleaning easy. The food gets cooked evenly and holds in the flavours while being cooked. The only issue is that ceramic cookware is fragile and needs to be handled with care.

​3. Cast Iron cookware

There was a time when iron wok and tawa was widely used to cook food in Indian homes. With the advent of non-stick cookware, the use of cast iron utensils has reduced. However, cast iron utensils were preferred since it disseminates iron into the food while it is being cooked in it. It was considered to be good for health. Later on it was found that huge amount of iron leaks into the food while cooking which causes stress and oxidation to the body. But still it is advisable and highly recommended to use the cast iron cookware when cooking meat, deep frying or cooking non-acidic food. Just make sure to season the cast iron cookware before cooking to prevent the food from sticking. Iron utensils are quite sturdy and durable, though cleaning needs some effort.

4. Stoneware

Stoneware is fast gaining popularity. In baking it is considered to be the best alternative to aluminium which is being replaced for its harmful effect on the food. Stoneware is also preferred to grill meat and vegetables and it can be used in traditional Indian cooking method too. Stoneware allows the food to cook evenly and also retain the natural flavour and adds an amazing aroma to the food. Take a good care of stoneware and it will last for generations.

​5. Non-stick cookware or coated cookware

This innovative technology in cookware has made life simple and convenient in kitchen. Here the cookware is coated to prevent harmful chemicals such as aluminium, copper, iron, nickel from leaking and making the food toxic. These non-stick cook wares are made of premium materials and then are coated with ceramic which make it non-stick. The non-stick cook wares come in variety of designs and attractive colours that encourages healthy cooking and looks good in your kitchen too. It comes with a well-gripped heat resistant handle which makes it convenient to hold while cooking. Thick bottom guarantees uniform distribution of heat. Cleaning of the non-stick is also easy and doesn’t require much of the scrubbing. But you will have to follow the instruction on the manual carefully for the longevity of non-stick cook wares. Avoid using steel scrub to clean the coated cookware and don’t pour water on it when it is hot. Enjoy healthy and happy cooking!

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