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Bright colours and bold designs in a modern Hyderabad home

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Design by the talented Interior Designers & Decorators at Designism, this home in Hyderabad is a cut above the rest. Bold colours define the overall interiors of the home. The clean-cut lines in terms of design, partitions and furniture placement are truly impressive. Let’s talk a tour of this spectacular home.

Bold and pink

Going where no designer has ever gone, the team at Designism has surpassed all expectations with the bold pink furniture. The key here is that they have not tried to match colours, but kept a beautiful white backdrop for this bright colour to shine.

Balancing the blue

The other side of the living area overlooks a scenic balcony. There is a set of blue sofas on this side of the room. The white marble flooring and the white walls provide the perfect backdrop to balance the intense blue colour of the sofas.

The beauty of white

Another glimpse of the living area show us the use of simple but elegant furnishings. This includes a plush, grey rug to accentuate the overall design. The sofas are comfy, and provide a view of the city once the balcony curtains are opened.

An overall view

As we can see here, the layout of the home is semi-open. There are partitions between the areas, but these are just curtains, not solid walls. We love this idea simply because it allows the homeowners to keep the curtains open or closed, depending on their mood and the occasion. The dining table features chairs upholstered with both pink and blue cushions.

Fun kitchen design

The kitchen is a fun orange colour. The storage cabinets are made of glass and steel, and offer the perfect combination. Modern appliances find a place for themselves throughout the house.

A welcoming home

The home features beautiful detailing. We love this combination of woodwork combined with glass. The wood has been painted with a pristine white colour to keep up with the all-white theme of the interiors.

Elegant bedroom design

This bedroom leaves us wondering if we are in a 5-star hotel or a real home! The lighting is absolutely perfect. The design is simple, elegant and classy, and that is exactly how the homeowners wanted.

Peaceful space

There is a small corner in the master bedroom, which offers a seating space. There is an Indian seating by the window as well. This gives the room a whole new purpose apart from just sleeping.

A touch of brightness

The red rug is a beautiful addition to the room. It contrasts quite well with the overall gold and cream theme in the room.

Exquisite bathroom design

The bathroom is designed with a lot of skill. We love the use of red in the bathroom platform, which is quite unusual. There is a filigree panel on one side of the bathroom as well. The use of wood elevates the entire design.

The second bedroom

The second bedroom uses a bright orange to accentuate the overall design. The classy design looks absolutely gorgeous.

A home for the gods

The filigree design double doors that we saw earlier decorate the small temple in the home.

Perfect entrance

The perfect home has the perfect entrance. The carved wooden door looks gorgeous and fits right into the overall design theme of this home.6 Bedroom Ideas from around the World.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!
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