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How can space planning help to create successful interiors?

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Have you walked into a house with beautiful décor accessories and stylish furniture only to feel that something isn’t quite right? Successful interior design involves a lot more than just placing a few attractive pieces in the room. One needs to consider the available space, layout, the type of furniture and the design style, among other things to create a well composed room. Therefore, when you are designing your home’s interiors, the first thing to do is space planning to ensure that every element is carefully thought about and arranged to create a stunning room.

For getting the most out of the space you have in your home, it’s advisable to work with a professional interior architect or designer. They will ask you questions to understand what you require from each room, in terms of its function and style before designing the perfect space to suit your requirements.

To help you to understand the process, today we take you through the significant elements that should be looked at when you are planning each space.

What functions with the room serve?

LIVING & DINING ROOM: modern Living room by A Design Studio
A Design Studio


A Design Studio

In modern houses, where space is scarce, most rooms are multi-functional. Many homes have an open-plan design in which the social spaces such as the living area, dining room and kitchen are combined. Having a study area in the corner of a bedroom is another commonly seen feature, especially in apartments. The first step in the process of space planning is to decide on the various functions that a room or area will serve. This will help to understand whether any physical or visual partitions or separators need to be created to offer privacy in some of the areas within the room.

Are there any flaws that need to be covered up?

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Take a good look at each room or area within your house to assess whether there are any negative elements or dead spaces that need to be treated so that they don’t stick out and disturb the harmony in the space. For example, a pillar in the middle of an open plan living and dining area can be utilized to create a partition between the spaces so that it doesn’t look out of place. Similarly, in a room without a window, placing the focus on another element that can bring an open feel can make the space feel less claustrophobic.

How many people will use the space, and how often will they use it?

LIVING AREA VIEW 1: modern Living room by MAD DESIGN



Before designing the space and deciding on the type of furniture that is most appropriate for it, the designer will need to get an idea of the number of people who will use the space regularly. Based on this, it will be easier to choose the furniture and accessories to suit the style and requirements of each person. For example, if your family has four members, then the seating in the living room should be such that it allows four people to sit comfortably and watch television. If you entertain frequently, then you will need to plan for extra seating for your guests.

What type of furniture will you use in the space?




If you have furniture that you would like to reuse in your new home, you should inform the designer about it, so that it can be measured to verify whether its size and style will suit the overall composition of the room. Making a list of furniture will give you an idea of the number of pieces you have and whether it can be used in the design. It will also give you a better idea of what else you need to buy.

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Is the furniture multi-functional or movable?

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Heavy pieces are difficult to move around once they are placed, but if you want your home to look open and airy most of the time, you should plan for easy to move furniture that can be taken from other rooms to accommodate a larger number of guests. For example, dining chairs can be upholstered in the same colour or style as the living room furniture so that the area looks well put together even when you bring the chairs to the living room.

What look are you comfortable with?

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The Design Code


The Design Code

Everyone has their individual preference when it comes to the look and feel of a room. Some people like a room that is warm, cosy and filled with accessories. Others prefer an open and airy feel. Deciding on which look you prefer will help to determine the amount of furniture in the room.

What design style do you prefer?

LIVING ROOM - VIEW 1: modern Living room by MAD DESIGN



Homeowners’ opinions can differ regarding which design style they like the best. Some like the straight-lined simplicity of minimalist design. Others might prefer the warm and cosy look of a country-style or rustic house. The classic style is a favourite of those who love old things, including antiques, while the eclectic style might suit someone who likes to experiment with different looks within a space. Before you interact with your designer, you should be sure of the design style you want to achieve in your home.

What about the lighting?

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The amount of light in a room not only influences the overall composition, but also affects the mood of the space. You should evaluate the amount of natural light that each room receives as this will help you to plan its illumination more effectively. Don’t forget to share with your interior designer your preference when it comes to lighting. Some people prefer bright lights, while others are more comfortable with soft and subdued lighting.

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What features do you want to highlight in the space?

Living Room: modern Living room by A Design Studio
A Design Studio

Living Room

A Design Studio

Every room should have a focal point around which everything is arranged, so you should decide which feature needs to be highlighted in the room. In a living room, a fireplace, a piece of art or even the television can be selected as the focal point. Once this is done, the furniture and all other elements in the room will be placed to focus attention on it.

How will it all come together?

YOUNGSTERS BEDROOM: modern Bedroom by A Design Studio
A Design Studio


A Design Studio

Once again, this depends on what you prefer. Balance is important to some, while others find value in creating a mix and match of accents and accessories that reflect their style or bring an interesting dimension to the rooms. Harmony is vital to the composition of a well-designed space, so whether you go minimal or eclectic, ensure that everything comes together to present a stunning space that looks like every little detail has been carefully thought about.

What about the final touches?

LIVING ROOM: modern Living room by A Design Studio
A Design Studio


A Design Studio

After the design of the space is implemented, go over it with a critical eye to see whether everything is to your liking. You might feel that the minimalist style of the room requires a splash of warmth or an eclectic room appears too cluttered. If so, you can adjust the look by playing around with accessories until you are happy with the result.

Space planning is not an easy task but working with a professional can help you to achieve success in designing a room that is functional and stunning. By employing the perfect mix of furniture, lighting, accessories, colour and accents, you can design a home that everyone will want to copy.

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