6 life hack tricks to shorten your laundry time

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Cleaning dirty laundry is not the nicest way of spending your free time, but if you learn how to do it efficiently, you could end up with more free time for doing actual fun stuff! This idea guide features 6 life hack tricks to shorten laundry time. They are so simple yet effective, you will be wishing you had known about it before. 

Yes we don't have much time these days, and the clock is ticking, but guess what? You're already on your way to shortening laundry time by reading this article. So let's cut to the chase, and browse through these ideas shall we? 

Place your washing machine and drying area closer

The first thing you need to do is to organize your laundry area so that everything you need for washing clothes and drying clothes is in one place. Placing your washing machine and drying area closer together can save you time. Browse through a wonderful assortment of products for your laundry room on homify to get your laundry area organized and functioning effectively, while looking stylish at the same time.

Dirty clothes must stay in a bucket with soapy water

Make house rules for exceptionally dirty clothes. Clothes that are very dirty should be soaked in a bucket full of soapy water and rinsed out first before being thrown into the washing machine. There's not much point washing a whole pile of clothes in muddy water is there? The modern looking, spacious laundry room pictured here is designed by Ideia1 Arquitetura, architects based in Brazil. 

Apply soap and heat up with hair drier before you wash

Sometimes you may just want to hand-wash one or two clothing items that are dirty. The fastest and most effective way of doing this is to apply soap on the clothing and heat it up with a hair drier before you wash it. You could also use an iron, but you should iron the clothes first before putting soap on them.The soap and the heat will make the removal of dirt and the cleaning process much quicker. This way you don't have to soak the clothes in soapy water for half an hour before rinsing them. 

Use dish soap for spotted stains

Unfortunately, throwing clothes with stains in the washing machine doesn't remove stains. One homemade trick to remove stains is to rub some dish washing soap on the stain, and then wash it. This works especially well if the stain has some grease on it, as they usually do. 

The magical concoction of baking soda and vinegar also does wonders to remove stains. However, if the stain is really stubborn, you might need to get a store bought stain remover. 

Hang dry towels inbetween to dry ×2 faster

Did you know that if you hang dry towels in between your wet laundry, it dries two times faster? This is because the dry towels absorb the water from the wet clothes, thus speeding up the drying time. 

If you use a dryer to dry clothes, you can save energy and time by throwing in a dry towel for 15 minutes. However, make sure you take it out after 15 minutes or it might actually eventually become moist and then increase the drying time by adding to the load. 

Choose dirt repellent soap

Most of what we call dirt is actually just grease or oil which will not come off with water. Dirt repellent soap can help to remove this grease more effectively than normal soaps can. You can save a lot of energy and time by using a good quality dirt repellent soap.

We hope these 6 life hack tricks to shorten laundry time will make life a lot more easier for you. For more inspiration and ideas, have a look at the best tips on how to clean your home like magic

Do you have any other tips to shorten laundry time? Please share with us in the comments section below. 

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