Kitchen Dimensions: Stylish Kitchens for Modern Homes

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Kitchen Dimensions: Stylish Kitchens for Modern Homes

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 Kitchen by Sonata Design, Modern
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Is the design of your kitchen causing you big worries? Do you always need to run about around the house to find different kitchen items? Is your kitchen short on storage space even though you have a spacious room with excellent kitchen dimensions? Then the root problem could be associated with the layout of your kitchen. Perhaps you are not making the best use of the available space. Or, may be, the design of the kitchen leaves a lot to be desired. Our today’s post will help you resolve a number of design related issues in a kitchen.

When building a new home or decorating an existing one you may as well seek professional help to design kitchen where you would love working for long. An experienced architect or kitchen planner could help you in this. Getting professional help is important for many as it helps avoiding many design disasters. A professional can also help you design the space within a budget.

Kitchen design rules

While planning the interior of a kitchen, it is better to keep in mind these basic kitchen design rules. This will help you design a functional space and prevent you from draining money and energy from design related issues.

In case you are planning for a new home, choose a space where there is little or no chance of having too many people lurking around. Now you may be worried hearing this because you are planning to have an open plan living room. Well, in that case, you should ensure that there is no traffic flowing through the kitchen. Your kitchen should not occupy a part of the passageway or corridor.  Too many people in this space can damage the hygienic environment and cause disruption in the work.

Try to maintain a triangle between the oven, kitchen sink and refrigeration. This layout will make your life much easier once you start working in this space. The distance between the three should not be greater than 20 inches. In small kitchens, however, maintaining a triangle could be a big problem.

Make sure that there are enough elbow room to work and move freely even when the doors of your microwave oven or refrigerator is open. Ideal kitchen dimensions are those where you don’t bump into items of décor, electronic items or furniture.

Kitchen design tips

 Kitchen by STUDIO Z, Scandinavian

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Follow these kitchen design tips to design a very stylish and functional space. While planning the layout of your kitchen, leave a minimum space of 4 feet between the kitchen island and worktops or cabinets. Anything less than that will result in a cramped space and will create disruptions in the work. Always place the kitchen sink in front of or close to the windows. It will quickly dry up the space in and around the kitchen once you finish working here.

Don’t forget to have enough space in front of the dishwasher and oven where you may need to bow down to load or unload utensils or food items. Don’t choose worktops and kitchen island with sharp edges. Yes, it can cause health hazard, especially when you are in a hurry to finish the work. Try not to place kitchen appliances above your eye level. Working with them could turn out to be a difficult endeavor.

Kitchen layout

Experiment with the kitchen layout to find out what suits best the room you have for this purpose. U-shaped kitchen happens to be a traditional choice. It makes optimal use of the available space. You can have enough storage area with this layout. You may place a kitchen island in the middle and increase the storage area even further, especially, when you have room for that. U-shaped layout suits the interior of a square or slightly rectangular room. It is better to have a minimum floor area of about 100 square feet in a kitchen with a U-shaped layout.

L-shaped layout happens to be the next best choice, especially for small to moderately sized kitchens. You may convert one arm of the L-shaped kitchen counter into a dining table or bar counter. Galley kitchens are very popular in modern homes. It is perfect for a small and oblong shaped room. If the room is wider than 8 feet then you may opt for a double galley kitchen. The latter will have greater amount of storage area.

Standard kitchen size

A standard kitchen must have 70 square feet floor area. Those larger than 100 square feet are categorized as large kitchens. Key measurements of a modern kitchen include the space between the worktop and kitchen island, the size of the cabinets and height of the appliances, from where they are placed, from the floor. Kitchens must have enough space to work and move around freely. Each person needs at 3 square feet area to stand and work freely.

Kitchen cabinet dimensions

 Kitchen by STUDIO Z, Modern

Built-In Fridge and Pantry


Kitchen cabinet dimensions vary slightly from one manufacturer to another. However, a standard is maintained keeping in mind the need of the customers. The base unit for Canadian kitchens happens to be about 34 inches high. Many wall cabinets extend till the ceiling. It helps to optimize the storage space. The depth of these cabinets is 12 inches. Those designed for electronic kitchen appliances have a depth of around 18 inches. For refrigerators this increases to 24 inches or above.

Kitchen sink dimensions

You will get a variety of kitchen sink in the market. You may opt for stainless steel sinks. It is lightweight, easy to maintain and water resistant. Designer stainless steel sinks cost a minimum of $250 CAD. Granite or quartz composite kitchen sinks look elegant in a contemporary setting. They are easy to clean and impervious to water. They cost around $200 CAD. Cast iron sinks are not uncommon either. However, they are heavier than their stainless steel counterparts and cost slightly more than that too. Fireclay kitchen sinks have been an age old choice. They come in a range of colors and designs. However, white is a popular choice for fireclay kitchen sinks. Single bowl sinks are ideal for small spaces. They are about 2 feet wide. Double bowls are very useful though and take up about 3 feet area.

Kitchen counter dimensions

 Kitchen by STUDIO Z, Modern

U Shaped Kitchen with Glass cabinets


Kitchen countertop could be between 24 inches and 30 inches wide. Needless to say the wider ones provide greater cooking space. The height of the countertops from the floor of the kitchen is generally maintained at 3 feet. This turns out to be a comfortable height for everyone. If you have special needs, you will have to opt for custom designed kitchen counters. Like other items of décor, kitchen counters can be made from a wide range of materials. Depending on your usage pattern, tastes and choice of décor, you may opt for wooden countertops, aluminium countertops, laminated or natural stone made from granite, quartz, onyx or slate.

Kitchen island dimensions

 Kitchen by Unit 7 Architecture, Modern
Unit 7 Architecture

West Hawk Lake Interior

Unit 7 Architecture

Kitchen islands should be at least 3 feet high. If you plan to use it as a dining table or bar counter opt for one at least 42 inches high. Many people recommend kitchen island dimensions of 4 x 4 feet. The actual dimension is dictated by the availability of space in your kitchen. If you have a spacious kitchen you may opt for a counter that is much bigger than the standard dimensions. This will allow you to have sufficient food preparation space.

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