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Cheap and beautiful: DIY Kitchen Work Station Ideas to Die For!

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Kitchens are often places where we spend a great deal of time. Because of this they see a great deal of action and therefore wear and tear. When our kitchens are looking a bit tired and worn, it may be time to give them a bit of a spruce up. This may include a whole kitchen renovation, or if you are on a budget, just replacing a few specific items. The kitchen workstation is one item that sees a lot of action, so this is a prime candidate for replacement. A new kitchen workstation can cost a lot of money, although it doesn’t have to cost the earth. If you are prepared to put in a bit of hard work yourself, there are some simple ways of creating your own, cheap and beautiful work station using some excellent low cost materials. Homify has the best tips for you here.


Plywood is a great material to incorporate in a kitchen workstation structure. It is cheap, durable and easy to work with. Plywood can be cut with a small saw blade and can be joined quickly with nails and bolts. For a stunning effect coat the plywood with veneer and paint it in bright colours like violet and red.

Rustic Furniture

Rustic furniture is something that can be acquired easily and most often cheaply. If you are prepared to make some alterations to rustic furniture, this can be a wonderful option to base your kitchen work station on. Many pieces of rustic furniture can be used to create an attractive and economical kitchen work station. Pieces such as cupboards, dining tables, desks and even old sewing machines can make wonderful bases for kitchen work stations. Start the process by deciding on what sort of kitchen work station surface you are looking for. If you have a more substantial budget you may opt for a piece of granite or natural timber, for a more modest budget consider reclaimed or recycled timber. These can make a unique and very attractive work surface.

Wood on Iron

To create a wonderfully unique piece of furniture consider using a piece of reclaimed iron from another item of furniture. This may come from a table, a shelf or even a sewing machine. These may need alterations, but this may be a small cost considering the beautiful piece you will get at the end. When considering a piece of iron to use for your kitchen work station, look for a piece that will be strong enough to support a heavy and sturdy work surface such as a piece of wood, or granite. You may even need to provide extra support for the work surface. When you have found and adapted the base it is time to find the work surface. Choose from wonderful timbers, concrete or even tiles. These materials can be sourced easily and economically. This antique sewing machine is a great start.


Concrete was once thought of as simply a material used for the foundation of houses and to build roads and driveways. With a significant advancement in technology, concrete has found a range of new functions. It has become a popular choice for flooring and kitchen work stations. Concrete previously had a reputation for being porous, allowing water to become lodged in small holes in the surface, making it unsuitable for many purposes. With the new generation of concrete this problem has been eliminated. The surface of concrete can now be sealed, providing a smooth and water proof surface, perfect for kitchen work benches, household flooring and many other purposes. When considering using concrete for your kitchen work station be aware of the weight of concrete. Kitchen work stations will require significant support for this material. This workstation was created by Concrete LCDA


Tiles were a popular choice for kitchen work stations although in recent years they have become less popular. They do however create a very versatile and beautiful kitchen work station surface. When using tiles to construct your kitchen work station you have a huge choice of colours, patterns and styles. This can be wonderful for the creative people out there. Tiles are also wonderfully versatile as they can withstand extremes of temperature and are very strong. Depending what tiles you are looking for, tiles can be purchased relatively cheaply from the leftovers from larger projects. Choose tiles that compliment the colour scheme of your kitchen. Be brave and use a combination of patterned and complimentary plain coloured tiles. These tiles were made by Deiniol Williams Ceramics.

A Single Brick Wall

When building your own budget kitchen it is important to be creative whilst also keeping materials to a budget. One of the most economic ways of building a kitchen work station is with bricks. Bricks not only look good, but are very strong. When using bricks the work surface material is not limited to what weight it can support. Bricks are extremely strong and so they will support all work surface options. Bricks work well with materials such as granite and concrete to create a solid, sturdy work station. The only drawback with using bricks is the permanence of the structure. It is not always easy to move a brick work station once it has been built in a kitchen.

The kitchen is often said to be the heart of the home. It makes sense that we create a place that is both practical and reflects our creative nature. This can sometimes be a challenge when the budget is tight. One way to create a dream kitchen on a tight budget is to do it yourself. By using budget materials and creating a kitchen yourself you can create something wonderfully unique. There are many ways to make a stunning kitchen work station in your DIY kitchen using rustic furniture, plywood, concrete, tiles or bricks. These are just a few ideas to spark your imagination. For more inspiration see Dynamic Kitchen Ideas.

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