Modern elegance personified in the interiors of this Mumbai home

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Mr Haresh’s residence, designed by P Square Designsinterior architects in Mumbai, is a beautiful home that celebrates modern design. Each room and each element is curated carefully to make sure that the overall design continues to reflect elegant design. Let’s take a tour of this small but designer home.

​Beautiful details

The little details matter the most. We love the two little lamps in the living area that provide soft modern lighting to the room. The intricate design on the lamps matches the overall décor of the home. The beautiful floral centrepiece also looks absolutely in place here.

​Cosy home

The homeowners are family-oriented people. They wanted to make sure their home reflected their lives. This is why the designers have placed family pictures throughout the house. The dining table is pushed against the wall in order to leave some empty space for movement. The use of countertop is a perfect idea for separating the kitchen from the dining area.

​Elegant bedroom

The modern bedroom has been designed with immense care. We see a lovely family picture on the wall, which is lit up with small lights. The ceiling features a unique design, which incorporates storage along with a hardwood design. A beautiful hanging lamp on the side also lights up the remaining room wonderfully.

​Perfect lighting

Lighting is one of the most crucial aspects of a home. The designers have succeeded in making sure each room is lit properly in the house. They have used smaller lights or concealed lights to not make the home too bright. Here we see that they have used concealed lighting behind the TV panel to give the living area soft glow. This type of lighting make sure that your TV viewing experience is not spoilt by overpowering lights.

​Stylish interiors

The living area is stylish. While there are comfortable couches placed opposite the TV, one side of the hall features an India style seating arrangement. This seating arrangement is great for anyone who wants to stretch their legs and relax while enjoying their favorite movie or TV show.

​Wooden furnishings

A different view of the room shows us the wooden craftsmanship that has been used to create beautiful, functional and utilitarian wooden furniture pieces. There is a closet on the side for storing crockery, linen, and other extra items. The entire wall is made up of wooden panels. The dining table is simple but useful and complements the theme of this classic dining room.

​The beautiful entrance

As we saw, the wooden craftsmanship is spectacular. The doorway to the house is simple but crafted quite well. There is also a storage cabinet on the side for shoes. A security system is installed in the entrance to ensure safety and security. The entrance to a home speaks volumes about the rest of the home. It should be welcoming and warm, and this home embodies that perfectly.

​Modern, comfortable kitchen

At the end of our tour, we stop by the minimalist kitchen. It is small but there is sufficient space for two people to cook. Despite the space constraint, the designers have added a window and a fan to make sure there is enough air circulation in the kitchen while cooking. Loved this house, here is another tour to inspire you - Modern, contemporary and full of sunshine: The perfect home does exist

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