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During the dark, wet winter months we are often confined to our homes. At this time of year, the days can seem long and dreary. They say that the amount of natural light in our homes affects our moods. People who live in homes with plenty of natural light tend to have lower levels of stress and depression than those living in dark homes.  This is a great motivator to create  lighter, brighter spaces in our homes. Lightening and brightening our homes does not have to cost a fortune. There are many simple, clever ways to increase the light in your home. These may be as simple as changing the window coverings or changing the colour of paint in your living areas. Homify has done the research for you and found the top ways to lighten up your home, without spending a fortune.

​Make Light contrast with the Colours

One way to brighten up a space is to use light and a contrasting colour to create a sense of brightness. Using light colours to brighten up a space is a wonderful way of bringing spaciousness into a home. Although by using the light together with contrasting colours can really make items stand out and therefore enhance the boundaries in a space, making it appear more spacious. These areas of colour can also bring a sense of warmth and depth to the space. This bathroom shows this contrast perfectly. The bright light from the huge window is reflected off the white cupboards and bath. This contrasts with the dark coloured floor and shower to give an impression of depth and spaciousness. This bathroom is designed by Badeloft.

​Large Windows

The best way to brighten and lighten an area is by using natural light. Many people live in houses that are dark inside and wonder how they can increase the light in their house. They may be inadvertently blocking the natural light from entering by having heavy dark curtains on their windows. The cheapest and easiest way to increase the light in a house is to use the natural light with large windows. Consider removing heavy, dark curtains and replacing them with sheer white curtains, or possibly no curtains at all. By allowing the maximum natural light to enter a house is the best way you can lighten a house. This room is a great example; the two windows either side of a door allow a huge amount of light into the house, making the space bright and light.

​Use White as the Main Colour

Everybody knows that the colour white reflects light. For this reason, why not use this in your home to create a brighter and lighter atmosphere? In every house there are areas that are brighter, where the natural light is allowed to enter the house. There are also areas that are darker. These areas may be restricted in the natural light that is allowed into the space. These spaces are the areas that may require lightening and brightening. One wonderful way of brightening these areas is with white. Consider painting the walls white to reflect the small amount of light that is already in the room. Consider also using white furniture and fittings to further enhance the sense of light and space. This small apartment uses white wonderfully to give the impression of a light and spacious space. This room is by R3 Architetti.

​Use Mirrors to Reflect the Light

Creating a sense of spaciousness in an area is one of the main objectives of interior designers. We all want to feel as though we have a large house than we actually have. Qualified Interior Decorators have learned a variety of tricks and devices to make a home feel larger than it actually is. One of the chief tricks in an Interior Decorators arsenal is the use of mirrors. Mirrors, placed in strategic locations can make a space look not only more spacious, but can also reflect light to make the space look brighter. Place a mirror opposite a window to create the illusion of two windows and reflect the light around the space.

​Glass Doors

Older houses have a reputation for being dark and poky. They seem to have small rooms that have even smaller windows, making them very dark. The reason that these rooms can appear darker than they are is because they are often situated next to rooms with large windows, making them bright and light. Next to these, the smaller rooms will appear small and dark. There are some very easy ways to increase the light in homes such as these. Increase the light in these rooms by replacing traditional doors with glass panelled or French doors. If they are located next to a bright room, this light will spill into these rooms making them lighter and more spacious. This house has wonderful French windows that allow a huge amount of light not only into the immediate room, but through to the interior spaces.

​Glass Bricks

Glass bricks provide a way that light can enter a space while providing visual obscuration. They were first invented to be used in manufacturing plants, although became increasingly popular in residential buildings in the 1980s. Glass bricks provide a wonderful way to replace a solid wall with a wall that allows light to pass through it. This can work equally as well for the roof. By simply replacing sections of wall or ceiling with glass bricks will allow an enormous amount of light to enter the room, giving it another dimension of lightness and brightness. This space is a great example. The basement of this house was renovated to allow extra living space, however it was very dark. The architect suggested using glass bricks to allow light to filter through the ceiling. This is a wonderful way to increase the light in your house.

It is during the dark, wet and cold months of winter that we look around our homes and consider how we can bring more light into our homes. Lightening and brightening our homes is easier than we think, and does not have to cost a fortune. There are many simple things we can do to bring more light into our homes. It may be as simple as changing the window coverings, painting our spaces white or putting mirrors in strategic locations. These are great ways to increase the natural light in your home. For more ideas see A HomeFilled with Light.

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