A little personality test with home cactus!

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According to spiritual leaders and healers people are like varied flower species in nature and have a happy or sad disposition along with a honest and strong personality like a sunflower. Just as people change due to circumstances and can be both prickly or warm and bright, the cactus too is hard and thorny but sometimes blooms the most colourful flowers that are unique in design and shape. While there are several tests to compare an individual’s personality to a flower, there are a few that compare human nature to cactus plants and their flowers.

We have done a little personality test with cactus plants that people keep as house plants as they require little maintenance to see if they reflect the owner's nature.

If you like it in colourful bright pots: You are someone who smiles a lot!

Bright colours embody happiness and these brightly coloured yellow pots with a dark green cactus plant show that you are a happy soul. Usually staircases are dull and empty spaces with a picture or two making people hurry through the area but this uniquely arranged staircase section with bright pots and industrial style lamps hanging down fill the soul with gladness. Pleasing sunshine yellow lamps and pots create joyous and energetic atmosphere here which invokes feelings of cheer against the backdrop of the open sky visible near the staircase. Though cactus depict harsh desert climate here they make the beholder smile as they spill their greenery across the rims of bright yellow pots.

If you like geometric terrariums: You are mystical and intelligent

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Bespoke Aztec Terrarium Installation

The Urban Botanist

Geometric shapes have an unmistakable mystical quality about them that is fascinating and when these are combined with the exotic cactus the combination is truly amazing. While the cactus can thrive in this atmosphere as moisture remains within the terrarium, you are saved from watering it as only once a week or fortnightly are enough as long as it is opened on a regular basis and exposed to sunlight. Keeping an exotic plant within a terrarium in minimalist style is looked upon as a sign of mysticism as it is nestled within a beautiful enclosure and considered a symbol of positive atmosphere by ancient Chinese decorating principle Feng Shui. Large and small houseplants are considered positive for the house as they absorb electromagnetic waves and create peaceful environment and in these geometric terrariums they make a stunning addition to the décor in every room.

If you rather like large pots in the garden: You have wild spirits

Large pots are good for plants that grow deep roots like a cactus to conserve water. Cactus plants have a luscious and glorious appearance and are rightly set up in these large pots built into the wall that give them space to expand deep into the soil to sustain themselves. Keeping large pots in the garden is also said to signify that the owner or designer of the garden has wild spirit as it gives the plant within, large scope to grow and explore its horizons. Just as a free spirited individual requires a safe anchor that gives it freedom to explore the world around and come back to safety, a large pot allows the plant to grow to its full natural size as it can safely expand roots to anchor itself to the large pot.

If you like dark, copper or steel pots: You have a masculine protective soul

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Abigail Ahern

Abigail Ahern SS15

Abigail Ahern

Masculine soul is generally protective by nature and you are not likely to see men wearing light flowery colours. Dark tones and pure metals like copper and steel signify strength that is synonymous with masculinity and so a person with affinity for these metals is considered as a protective person. The cactus here is sheltered within a dark metal flower pot and balanced on an attractively designed three legged copper table.

If you love cactus in a mini-garden: you have a nice spiritual side

In large cities wherein space is a constraint small gardens are an attractive option if you want to maintain greenery. When you have a small garden either on a small patch of land before your house or even in a large bowl the serenity that surrounds the area shows the owner’s spiritual side. This attractive designed mini garden arranged by Currados set up in a large porcelain bowl has got an eclectic mix of plants comprising of succulents and cactus.

If you go for black-and-white bottles and mugs: You have a young and Scandinavian personality

Scandinavian personality refers to general behavior of people in Nordic region which comprises of not trusting strangers, reserved but a calm personality and confident nature. Stark monochrome tones of black and white signify an individual of great courage and innovation that is emphasized by cactus in the pot. Just like Scandinavia that is covered by snow most times of the year and people remain disconnected with each other but are self-sufficient, these white pots with individual cactus plants appear happy in their own surroundings.

If Hanging Gardens catch your attention: You are creative and adventurous

Visualizing a hanging garden like this requires creative genius and  it has an ability to grab viewers’ attention at first glance. People also create a hanging garden by using metal hangers to suspend the planters and increase visual appeal. This home owner has creatively decorated the drab backyard by using a mix of small and large planters and setting up wooden platforms to create a relaxing atmosphere. By using discarded planks of packing boxes the designer has created an innovative backdrop to hang the flower pots that are smartly painted in silver.

For more innovative ideas on designing your garden do not forget to explore this ideabook.

Which type are you? Did you find out. Let us know in the comments below.

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