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6 simple ideas to design a Pooja Room at home

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The Pooja or prayer room is a sacred space in Indian homes. Pooja rooms are special areas within the house that are dedicated to meditation and spiritual worship to god. The Pooja room itself brings positive energies into a home, although some people say that when designed correctly a Pooja room will enhance the positivity in the entire environment. A Pooja room can be as simple or as intricate as you want it to be. Traditional Pooja rooms may specify a particular size, layout, location and arrangement, although for many people the design of a Pooja room is a very personal choice. There are considerations to make when designing your Pooja room that can create a more positive and harmonious environment. It is said that the Pooja room should always be in the north-west corner of the house to enhance the positive energies. homify has found 6 clever ways to create an amazing Pooja room.

Create an Enclosure

The Pooja room provides a private sacred space in which we can meditate and worship god. This can be a very personal experience for some people. For this reason, it may require a more defined space in which to meditate and pray. A Pooja enclosure is a wonderful option for those who prefer a more private space. This space can be inset between the living and the dining space as well. Wood is the most popular material for constructing these Pooja rooms.This provides a stunning, spiritual and peaceful space for the entire household to meditate and pray. Observe the laser cut ceiling decor that makes the ambiance even more spectacular.

Use an Elevated Platform for Prayer

Pooja room homify Houses

Pooja room


The Pooja room in a house is a sacred space, it should be kept separate from other areas to maintain its spiritual significance. One way to create a separation between the Pooja room and other areas of the house is with an elevated platform. An elevated platform separates the normal walking area of the house and the Pooja room, ensuring that the area will only be used for spiritual purposes. This elevated platform can be constructed of any materials that are in line with the construction of the building, although natural materials such as wood or marble provide a wonderful way to bring a piece of nature into the Pooja room. This Pooja room has used a stunning timber elevated platform, provides a wonderful way of segregating the sacred Pooja space. This Pooja room was designed by Neeras Design Studio

Use Effective Lighting

The Pooja room is a space that people use to connect with their spiritual side and with their gods. It therefore makes sense that this space is a secure, calming and peaceful area. Lighting plays an important part in creating a safe and peaceful atmosphere. The lighting in a Pooja room is very important. It is said that in a Pooja room the lamp or light should always be placed in front of the idol, god or goddess. Other lights in the room should be placed in the south-eastern section of the space. The correct placement of these items is said to increase the positive energies in the space. There are many ways to create a peaceful, serene atmosphere with light. Consider using candles, small lamps with decorative shades or lanterns.

Install Beautiful Décor

Residence of Mr. Vijayanand Hasta architects Modern walls & floors
Hasta architects

Residence of Mr. Vijayanand

Hasta architects

There are many ways to decorate a Pooja room that shows dedication and passion. By decorating the Pooja room in an appealing way it is thought it will satisfy the deities and gods. The inside of the Pooja room should be decorated in light shades of white, light yellow, blue or violet. These shades do not distract while praying. These colours are also known to provide an appealing atmosphere for the gods.  If your Pooja room has doors ensure that they are made from good quality wood and that they have double shutters. It is important that the Pooja room is kept as a sacred space. For this reason there should be nothing inside the Pooja room that is not intentionally placed there. A Pooja room should never be used to store items.

Have Adequate Space for the Idols

Residence of Mr. Vijayanand Hasta architects Modern walls & floors
Hasta architects

Residence of Mr. Vijayanand

Hasta architects

One of the most important things to have in a Pooja room are the idols. The idols are often placed on a stand or shelf. This allows them to be at a correct height for anyone praying in the room. According to Vastu while worshipping the legs of the idol should be at chest level of the person worshipping, whether they are standing or sitting. The placement of the idols is also an important element. Idols should ideally be placed in the north-east, east and western areas of a Pooja room. Nothing should be placed above the cabinet or slab where the god’s idol is placed. And finally idols should never be placed facing each other. If these rules are followed the Pooja room is bound to be a positive and spiritual space. This Pooja room was designed byHasta Architects.

​Employ low seating or carpets

Eclectic Apartment The Orange Lane Asian style corridor, hallway & stairs
The Orange Lane

Eclectic Apartment

The Orange Lane

The Pooja room provides a serene and peaceful space in which to pray and meditate. It should be a space that is comfortable for those worshipping. For this reason low seating or carpets should be used in the space. The low seating or carpets provide worshippers with somewhere comfortable to sit while undertaking their spiritual engagement. Be sure that the idols are placed at the correct height for the low seating or carpets. When choosing a carpet for your Pooja room consider colours that are in keeping with the spiritual element of the space. Choose subdued shades of white, tan and muted golds. This will provide a peaceful and serene atmosphere for meditating and praying.

The Pooja room is one of the most important spaces in a home. It is often the heart of the house, the place where we go to seek spiritual and religious fulfillment. It is important that this space therefore satisfies the requirements of a traditional Pooja room. When designing your Pooja room consider having an elevated platform for prayer, a wooden enclosure for privacy, subdued lighting for serenity, beautiful décor for appealing to the gods and plenty of space for the idols. With a well designed Pooja room you will find more enjoyment in your daily dedications. For more inspiration see 7Sacred Pooja Room Designs.

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