7 inspiring kid room color options for your little ones

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Kids love lively enjoyable vibes and are always full of energy, and thus it goes without saying that their bedrooms could showcase the same lively feeling. You can make use of various textures, ideal kid room color and accessories throughout to brighten up or create a haven that they will enjoy for playtime and for resting. Kid’s rooms are fun and exciting projects but you don’t have to scratch your head and sweat the hard stuff because at homify you’ll find professionals skilled at creating the perfect kids rooms that are simply ideal for your children too. Let them help you with your redecorating plans.

Fun blue and yellow mix

Bright colors often encourage a happy, uplifting mood and this is wonderful for a kid room color choice as it can help maintain a sense of happiness and cheer. Yellow can also inspire a sense of concentration especially soft yellows, thus a good choice when it comes to doing homework. Blue doesn’t mean ’boys room only’, and by easily blending the two, you can create a gender-neutral environment as well.

Nautical whites and blues

White is a fairly neutral color and can easily be put alongside other colors. You can use white as a base and add the color of choice to create a bespoke room that will favor the likes of your young children. In this example the designer also added blue creating a somewhat nautical and Mediterranean feel about the room. These colors are calming and can work well even as the color choice of a teen girl or boy’s room.

Simply neutral

Sometimes society tends to lean more on one color for a boy and another for a girl, but what if you could simply create a wonderful kids room and eliminate color bias? Create a neutral space for your child with natural colors like browns, whites, greys and splashes of bright colors through bedding or linen. Finding the paint colors for kids room that is neutral shouldn’t be hard either.

Princess pink undertones

Pink is often used to accentuate a girl’s bedroom and is said to have a calming feel too. However, you could underplay the pink by simply adding some pink accents throughout the room with a neutral theme. Children tend to grow out of colors like pink whether used in a boy’s room or girl’s room.

Blending blues

As mentioned a little earlier, blue is one of many calming colors. As is with the color pink, blue is not solely limited to a boy’s room. The color brings down the heart rate and is soothing which is wonderful and scientifically can be of great help to hyper-active and tantrum-prone kids. As seen in this example, the blend of dark blues with dark textures and patterns makes this ideal for an older child’s bedroom.

Blend of cheer and intelligence

Isn’t it fantastic that colors can even help stimulate your child’s intellect? Science has proven green to be a very good color for helping children read better as well as reduce feelings of anxiety. Unlike yellow that shouldn’t be overdone for fear of a negative effect, green can be used as much as possible. It’s also a calming color and that’s truly a plus!

Fun with themes

A themed kiddie’s room inspires fun and creativity, which is why it’s also a very clever choice when sprucing up your child’s room. While your teens may not fancy themes as much as young children, they too could appreciate some form of theme whether it be sports or music for example. Some fantastic themes for young children include pirates, princesses, space or their favorite cartoons and characters. Even as a themed room, the clever use of color will add to significantly helping to stimulate a positive mood for your child whether they're playing or winding down to sleep.

Red is not a popular color scheme for kid’s rooms as the color tends to subconsciously evoke aggressive behavior, anger and hyperactivity. So while you could maybe add small touches or red accents, it’s best to keep to the calming and positively stimulating colors available for your children’s rooms.

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