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​The Most Effective Ways to Clean Water in Your Pool

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With summer just around the corner in India, be that a rather large corner, we begin to start dreaming about the warmer weather when we can spend time swimming in the pool. Our minds drift back to the last summer and of diving into the beautiful, crystal clear swimming pool. Having a swimming pool is one of the most satisfying ways of spending your free time. It is wonderful to be able to invite friends to your house and enjoy a swim on a hot day. Although having a swimming pool has its responsibilities as well as its advantages. Pool maintenance is something that we don’t always think about when we consider buying a pool, however this is something that can make the difference between a stunning crystal clear pool and one that looks like a murky pond. Keeping the water clean in a pool is one of the biggest jobs for the pool owner. This can seem like a daunting task at first, although given the right information, it is not as scary as it first sounds. homify takes a look at the most effective ways of keeping the water in your pool clean.

​Why do I need to clean the water?

When friends come around to enjoy a swim in your pool, there is nothing better than to show off your beautifully maintained, crystal clear pool. ‘When they see this pool, they will be envious. This is something we often think of as we clean our pool. Although being the envy of the entire city is not the most important reason to have clean water in your pool. Dirty water in a pool often means it contains bacteria. Bacteria can have serious health implications when ingested. Cryptosporidia and Giardia are types of bacteria that are often seen in swimming pools. These bacteria, when ingested, can lead to diarrhoea and more serious problems for those with immune deficiency issues. This is a good reason to keep the water in your pool crystal clear. This pool was made by Poolsana.


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There are many ways that you can keep your swimming pool clean and avoid bacteria growing. The most popular way of keeping pools clean is with Chlorine. There are many ways that Chlorine can be added to a pool. It can be added manually by hand, although this can be time consuming as it will need to be done every few days. You can also use an automatic system such as a salt Chlorinator and a liquid chemical feeder. These can be left to work on their own and only require occasional maintenance.  Swimmers can often complain of having sore, red eyes. This is often mistakenly blamed on Chlorine, but it is actually caused by  incorrect pH levels in the water. Check the pH levels in your pool regularly to ensure that he pH level remains at a safe level.

​Active Oxygen

Active Oxygen is one of the newest developments in swimming pool technology. This system allows water to be treated to a safe level that is free of odours and tastes. It also produces water that claims to leave the human skin free of chemical residue, meaning an after swim shower may be a thing of the past. How can such as system work? Active Oxygen systems use a combination of ozone and hydrogen peroxide to create a powerful natural oxidizer. Both ozone and hydrogen peroxide are two disinfectants that work in harmony to ensure that the natural water environment is safe and free of bacteria. They also promote the production of oxygen in the water. This results in a swimming pool that is clean and free of chemicals.


Bromine is a chemical that works in a similar way to Chlorine. It is a chemical that kills harmful bacteria in swimming pools, although Bromine works in a slightly different way to Chlorine. Bromine is most often used in spas and hot tubs as it is a more stable chemical in warmer environments than Chlorine. Bromine has other advantages over Chlorine. Bromine as a swimming pool chemical is more gentle on skin than Chlorine, making it better for those with skin sensitivities. Bromine also lasts longer as a sanitiser in a pool than Chlorine, thus requiring less chemical to do the same job. The one disadvantage of Bromine being the cost. Bromine can cost a considerable amount more than Chlorine to keep a pool sanitised. This spa is by Inbeca Wellness Equipment.


Using Ozone to treat swimming pool water has been around for over a century. It is a system that produces clean and hygienic water without the smell or irritation of chemicals such as Chlorine. Ozone systems have been used for over a century to keep pools in Europe and North America clean. But what exactly is Ozone? Ozone is a gas that is both man made and naturally occurring. It is a reactive compound that breaks down organic molecules while killing most single cell micro-organisms. This is why it is known as the most effective disinfectant agent available commercially.  When used in a swimming pool Ozone breaks down within minutes into simple oxygen, while killing bacteria, fungi and viruses at the same time. It also eliminates skin irritations that are often caused by chemicals in a pool.


The filter in a pool is not there to disinfect or sanitize your pool. This is done by methods such as Chlorination, or Bromine, active oxygen or Ozone. The filter has two other important functions that assist in keeping your pool clean and clear. The filter removes debris and oxidized material from the water, and provides water movement and circulation thus distributing chemicals and preventing the growth of algae. To do this the water is forced through the filter. This is most made of a cartridge or a core made from sand. The small particles are trapped in this filter, and clean and clear water is returned to the pool. This filter will need to be either replaced or cleaned regularly to ensure the pool remains clean.

During the colder winter months, it is wonderful to dream about the upcoming summer to keep spirits high. One wonderful way to spend long summer afternoons is with friends by the pool. If you are lucky enough to have a swimming pool, this is just where your thoughts must be. Although if your pool is not the crystal clear pool in your dream this can turn a dream to a nightmare. There are ways to ensure that your pool remains clean and clear all year round. Be sure to have a well functioning water sanitising system, this can be Chlorine, active oxygen, Bromine or Ozone. Consider also the small and smaller debris in a pool and make sure your water filter is well maintained. In this ways your pool will remain the clean and clear pool of your dreams. For more swimming pool tips see Wake your pool from its hibernation.

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