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10 Vastu tips to increase the flow of money into your home

Sunita Vellapally Sunita Vellapally
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It’s true that money makes the world go around. We need it for our necessities such as food, clothing and shelter. Additionally, it is linked to the happiness of most people as we need it to travel, buy a house, eat at restaurants, pay for healthcare and children’s education… we even need to save some for retirement. There’s a lot one can do with money, which is the reason that the lack of it can cause stress, anxiety and depression that can influence the relationships of an individual.

In India, the ancient system, Vastu Shastra, prescribes certain remedies that can help to improve your finances and make your home a happier place. We highlight these in today’s ideabook. Since the principles of Vastu are based on directions, we recommend that you use a small compass to get started. Alternatively, you can contact an interior decorator or architect who specializes in Vastu.

1. The right colour in rooms

DLF Woodland Heights, 3 BHK - Mrs. Darakshan Modern living room by DECOR DREAMS Modern

DLF Woodland Heights, 3 BHK—Mrs. Darakshan


Colours can influence our moods. This is a well-known fact. According to Vastu, colour also has a role to play in increasing the energy in a particular direction. The north east direction is considered the most pious direction in a house as it is associated with God. Therefore, creating positive energy in this area will translate into an increase in wealth, health and prosperity. The best colour for the north east part of the house is light blue as this shade can stimulate the mind and increase creativity and positive thinking.

Vastu Shastra has a colour chart that prescribes the right shade based on the direction. As per this, green is for the north, white for the east, blue for the west and red for the south, but obviously painting different shades throughout the house will take away from the aesthetics. You can consult an expert for advice on choosing the right colour for a room based on its direction as it can prove to be confusing with the various dos and don’ts in Vastu.

Generally, Vastu recommends the use of light shades over dark or bold ones. One thing to avoid in your home is to paint the bathrooms or the kitchen in red as it will increase the negative energy in these rooms, which might affect your fortune.

2. Location of water bodies

While water bodies bring a soothing element to the house, their location can impact your finances. Vastu prescribes the north, north east or east as the best location for water bodies, including swimming pools and ponds. If you have a fountain or a body of flowing water, ensure that the water moves from the north to the east.

Many houses have underground water tanks, and the best location for this is again in the north, east or north east. However, if the tanks are above ground level, then they can be placed in the south, south east or south west part of the home.

3. Safes and cash lockers

If you have a safe or a locker in your home, then the perfect location for it, as per Vastu, is on a wall in the south or the south west direction. Additionally, you should ensure that when the safe is opened, it should face the north. It also helps to place a mirror in front of the safe or locker as once it is opened, it will reflect your money, symbolising the doubling of your wealth.

4. Greenery

Passage area by homify Modern

Passage area


If you have a garden in your home, make sure that you include a money plant as this will bring prosperity into your home. Ideally, the plant should be placed in a green planter or pot to amplify its effect. If your house lacks the space for a garden, at least try to include a painting with lush greenery, whether it’s paddy fields or a forest, in the northern section of your house as this will improve your career and contribute to additional income.

Get inspiration from these 16 ways to add greenery to your home.

5. Open and clutter-free

The house should be kept, neat, clean and clutter-free, especially in the north, which is associated with wealth. Do not place any heavy furniture or equipment in this part of the house and avoid having the staircase in this part as it will block the flow of wealth.

6. A beautiful entrance

The entrance of the house not only creates the first impression on your visitors, but also influences the flow of energy into your home. Keep the entrance clutter-free. Decorate it to look grand and elegant so that it attracts positive energy and brings wealth and prosperity into your home.

7. A clear centre

Dining area Modern dining room by homify Modern

Dining area


The centre of your house is the most auspicious zone according to Vastu shastra. Therefore, it is vital to keep it clutter free. Ensure that there is no construction that blocks this area, whether it’s a loadbearing column or a decorative pillar.

8. Doors and windows

SNN Raj Serenity, 2 BHK - Mr. Deepak Tropical style living room by DECOR DREAMS Tropical

SNN Raj Serenity, 2 BHK—Mr. Deepak


While doors and windows invite natural light and fresh air into your home, they also play a role in increasing the positive energy in the space. Therefore, it is important to keep the glass panes on doors and windows sparkling clean always as otherwise, the dirt and stains on the glass might obstruct the free flow of money into your house.

Get tips on how to keep glass windows and panels clean.

9. Taps and faucets

Mr. KoteshwarRao Uppal Modern bathroom by Ghar Ek Sapna Interiors Modern
Ghar Ek Sapna Interiors

Mr. KoteshwarRao Uppal

Ghar Ek Sapna Interiors

Leaking taps and faucets in your house not only contribute to wastage of water, which is a precious resource in Indian homes, but according to Vastu Shastra, they also symbolize the draining of money from your home. It’s vital to get taps and faucets fixed at the first sign of any leak to prevent loss of money.

10. Aquarium

Crystal Black Wall Mounted Aquarium 7 feet Tropical style dining room by Seazone Innovative Sdn Bhd Tropical
Seazone Innovative Sdn Bhd

Crystal Black Wall Mounted Aquarium 7 feet

Seazone Innovative Sdn Bhd

Having an aquarium in the north east direction of your house is believed to increase your wealth as per Vastu Shastra. Before you build a house, you can make a provision for an aquarium in this section. Alternatively, you can get smaller table top aquariums that you can place in this area. However, you should remember that keeping an aquarium in the right direction is only half the job done. You need to ensure that the aquarium is always clean and well aerated as otherwise, it can have a negative impact on your finances.

Besides these, several factors can affect your wealth and money. It’s impossible for an amateur Vastu practitioner to be aware of every rule regarding colour, direction and other aspects that influence the flow of energy in a house. We recommend working with a Vastu-trained architect or interior designer who can guide you through the process and help you to make the right decision regarding the layout of your house as well as the placement of décor accessories within.

It’s easier when you are building a new home, but if you are buying an apartment or an existing house, might not be able to alter the structure or layout. If so, don’t fret. Vastu Shastra also has some simple remedies or cures that you can use to correct any defects that your home has, whether it’s the inauspicious location of a toilet or the direction in which your home’s entrance faces. Consult a professional to simplify the process of cleaning your house of negative energy to bring happiness, health and prosperity with Vastu.

Which of these tips will you try at home? Leave your response in the comments.
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