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Casa A, Estudio PM Estudio PM Classic style houses
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Today, the tour begins in Moreno, Argentina in a beautiful and luxurious home fashioned by the designers at Estudio PM. Casa A, the brain child of Estudio PM, is nothing short of luxury. Like a home to the stars of Hollywood, this home defines modern architecture with its clean lines, contemporary interiors, and stunning decor additions. The exterior of the house is designed with arches and wide windows. Facing a wide yard with foliage, the house revels style and exuberance. 

Let's have a look at this luxurious home, shall we?

The seamless exterior

Designed in clean lines, subtle tones and metal embellishments, the home is elegant and imperial. With a foliage covered driveway leading up to the door, the home is also designed with patches of grass and planters for a natural look. The wide windows of the house face the sun for natural light.

Rooms with a view

Unlike ordinary homes, Casa A is designed with a gorgeous view of the pool in the backyard for the rooms on the upper floor and lower floor. With a spacious balcony facing the pool, this home is a great place to spend weekends basking in the sunny weather. Besides the pool is a large yard with greenery covering the landscape for an element of nature. Browse through these pool designs for more inspiration.

The dining room

The home is designed with not one, but two dining areas. The first and larger dining space features a stunning glass tabletop supported by a unique black and white base. This dining table is surrounded by stylish white chairs and is further enhanced with a beaded chandelier above to illuminate the room with a beautiful glow.  

Minimalist dining space

An extension of the kitchen space, this dining area features a smaller table in white with glass elements for quick breakfasts and snacks with the family. The kitchen interiors are designed with pearl white and marble flooring, giving the room an opulent look. The well-place ceiling lights irradiate the room with a soft and beautiful glow.

The backyard

We come to an end of this tour with the backyard of the home that features a large seating space with a dining table and lounge chairs for a day of relaxation and serenity. Facing the gorgeous pool, this backyard is perfect to throw picnics or luncheons for friends and family during the weekends. Check out this elegant villa for more inspiration.

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