10 Most Surprising Living Room Colour Schemes for Modern Homes

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Colours are best ways of giving the interiors of your living room a refreshing look. By changing the colour scheme you can easily influence the beauty of the interior atmosphere. You may induce new shades just by changing the wall paints, upholstery, curtains, rugs or cushion covers. This is also a budget friendly way of glamming up a space frequented by your guests. 

We know that you have no shortage of ideas. But we will show you some colour schemes today that will enthral you. What’s more? Most of these colours are ideal for small living rooms.

Beige with red

Ravishing red provides perfect accompaniment to the beige of the room. Wood panels bring in additional warmth. Pale grey shade of the ceiling, furniture and upholstery of the small sofa helps balancing the colours. Smart use of lighting and beautiful works of art make the room look even more cheerful.

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Blue meets brown

You may have thought of including blue in your colour palette. But blue with brown? Perhaps not! The interior designer used the colours of wood, leather and classical rug to complement the depth of blue with the modesty of brown. Use of wallpaper instead of solid colour also gives the space a special feel.

Gold tone

Gold tone has almost vanished from the interior of modern homes. Many people consider it suitable for classically designed residences. However, metallic gold can easily be included in your colour scheme as an accent tone. Decorate the rims with metallic gold. Install lighting fixtures and artworks with gold finish and see your living room come to life, literally.

Grey with yellow accent

Famous singer Louis Armstrong preferred walking on the sunny side of the street. When it comes to design, you have good reason to pay attention to his words. This tiny open plan living room is decorated with shades of pale grey, green blue and white. However, the inclusion of the small sofa with sunny yellow upholstery makes all the difference.

Lustrous in red

Living Room Clean Design Modern living room
Clean Design

Living Room

Clean Design

Don’t shy away from using such bright colours as red in your living room. But use it in such a way that makes your living room warm and welcoming. The designer of this house balanced the brightness of red with white furniture, door and window frames. The sofas have been upholstered with pale grey fabric.

Green with tangerine

The interior of this small living room is decorated with a variety of green shades. A tangerine coloured sofa draws immediate attention. The feature wall, decked up in dark bluish grey, is designed in such a way that enhances the acoustics of this small room. Dark wood flooring adds charm.

Dark grey

Shades of grey are highly coveted for the interiors of contemporary dwellings. The living room on the image above uses both lighter and darker shades of grey. But the addition of a blue tone as an accent shade as well as the leather upholstery makes it look very interesting.

Olive green

Olive green is not something we get to see often in the interiors of living rooms. The owners of this apartment has not only chosen a colour scheme dominated by pale olive green, but also designed a very graceful living room with the smart use of colours, furniture and accessories.

Earthly brown

Earthly brown shade could be used in a contemporary living room as well as a country styled one. The colour merges well with brighter shades like red, orange and yellow. You can easily choose a colour scheme based on earthly brown shade and jazz it up a little bit with a bright accent colour.

Purple décor

Purple is considered a royal colour. You may consider including purple in the colour scheme of your living room. Consider combining it with warm white, creamy white or shades of grey to give the interiors a cool effect. Don’t forget to vary the textures with the help of wall paints, wallpaper, curtains and upholstery.

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