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The positive and negative effects of salt according to Vastu

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Thanks to the internet and our awareness, we all know that too much of salt in food is not good for our health. But did you know that according to Vastu shastra, the ancient philosophy of architecture, salt is actually good for the healthy environment of our homes? Salt has the power to absorb the negative energy from home, body and soul. However, an excess of anything is bad. If salt has the power to absorb the negative energy, then too much of it can have an adverse effect too. Today we have come up with the positive and negative effects of salt according to Vastu. Have a look and reap the most benefit out of this humble element.

​An interesting fact

Salt has been one of the most precious minerals since ages. It’s the most essential element in any kitchen. It’s a crystal which has a unique property of both absorbing and drying. Because of these properties, salt is used to cleanse and purify the space.

​When feeling low, negative or tired

Negative energy drains out the positivity from your mind and body and makes you feel low and tired. Whenever you are feeling low, in your bathroom, take a salt water bath to remove negative energy and enjoy a relaxing vibe . Mix some salt in bucket or bathtub and take a rejuvenating bath from head to toes. It will definitely make you feel rejuvenated.

Cleaning the home

Mopping our home is one thing that we Indians do daily. It’s a way to cleanse our home from dust and to bring in positivity. But instead of disinfectant, add some salt in the water used for mopping. It will wipe away the negative energy and fill the home with positive vibrations.

​The power of salt

Salt is considered to be very auspicious according to vastu. Since it gives out cosmic energy, it can be used all over the house and kept in the corners of the house. Just make sure to keep it in a bowl with water. It will absorb the negative energy from your home. Change the salt water regularly. However, don’t just throw it casually. Flush it down in the toilet or drain it in the sink. Be careful that it doesn’t spill and don’t touch the water.

​Clean up the artifacts

Along with absorbing negative energy, salt has the power to spread positive energy around the home. It’s important to keep the decoration and delicate items of your home clean and pure. Clean it up with salt water regularly and you will feel the difference.

Can induce sound sleep

When the art of Vastu Shastra is combined with a scientific fact, you get a perfect solution for all your sleep-related problems. To enjoy a good night sleep, it is necessary to keep the pH of your body alkaline and not acidic. For this, you need to soak your feet in a hot solution of sea salt and water for almost 20 minutes. It allows the mineral to alkalize your body and put it to sleep. Also, by keeping salt in bedrooms, you can experience positive energy and enjoy a relaxing ambience.

Use salt to alleviate health problems

When it comes to salt in the bathroom, Vastu suggests that it can improve your overall health. By placing some salt in a bowl somewhere in the bathroom area, you can get rid of different physical and mental ailments. It will help to keep the negativity away from your house, and the people living inside will not encounter any health-related problem. Consult a bathroom designer to guide you about the placement of the salt.

Now the negative impact

Rock salt Vastu tips also recommend being careful about the usage. If salt has the power to cleanse the space of negativity, then it can also spread the negative energy around. This can easily be avoided. Limit the use of salt. Only a small amount of salt is sufficient. Make sure to change the salt regularly. Also once you have used the salt, drain it under running water. Don’t use it again. And if it gets spilled accidentally in your home or body, wipe it or wash it thoroughly. Excess of anything is bad, but when used judiciously it comes with immense benefits and positivity.

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