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8 Vastu tips for daily life at home

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They say home is where the heart is, in other words it is a sacred space which should not only be taken care of physically but also spiritually. Today we would like to share some Vastu tips that you can practice at home to bring more joy and prosperity to your household. The most luxurious and comfortable furniture can only make the time spent at home more relaxing and enjoyable, however making sure that the home has a good energy level and feels good emotionally and spiritually requires something more, like Vastu. Essentially, Vastu Shastra is an ancient form of science which helps you to bring good energy to the home by balancing all the natural elements. Once a balance is achieved, peace, joy and prosperity flows in. There are a few habits which would be good for you to acquire in your daily life at home which we would like to point out to you in this idea book today. Let's check it out shall we? 

1. Devotional music

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Music is a great way to energize the environment around you. Make it a habit to play some devotional music as soon as you wake up in the morning. This will soothe your soul, put your mind at ease and give you a great start to your day.

2. Broom taboos

It is advised never to keep the broom in an upright standing position or let it touch your feet as it will affect your financial luck negatively. For more information, here are 10 Vastu tips for counteracting negative energy.

3. Bedtime snacks and dreams

Everyone wants a good nights sleep so do not eat while sitting or lying in bed as this may cause nightmares. For more Vastu tips regarding the bedroom, make sure to read 9 Vastu tips for the right place for your bed.

4. Shoes and slippers

Leaving shoes and slippers upturned or scattered not only looks messy but also may create problems and disputes between family members. 

5. Pooja routine

According to Vastu, pooja should be done early in the morning (6-8 a.m.) on a pooja rug facing East or North. Pooja rugs made out of natural materials such as grass or jute are recommended. 

You can also refer to our article titled 5 Vastu tips for an Indian home for more ideas. 

6. Water

Water is an important element that is often not given as much importance as fire in pooja rituals. Always place a small pot filled with water in your pooja room. It should face where the East and North meet. 

7. God's statue

Any god's statue placed in your home should be worshiped daily. Make sure you light the space with a lamp or a candle and place a few flowers during pooja. 

8. Clean with saline water

Last but not least, another good habit to add to your Vastu routine is to clean the house with saline water once a week. This will remove any impurities and negative energy accumulated in your home. 

We hope you will be motivated to practice some of these Vastu tips in your daily life at home. For more information regarding Vastu, you can refer to our article titled Clean your home using Vastu Shastra.

Which Vastu tip is most familiar to your upbringing? 
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