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A simple and modern home in Hyderabad

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Designed for Ms. Shilpa Kondapur, by Ghar Ek Sapna Interiors, Interior Designers & Decorators in Hyderabad, this home is the perfect example of a modern home. The design is simple but functional. The décor uses bright colours to create a welcoming atmosphere. Let’s take a walk through this home.

Colourful entryway

When anyone enters the home, the first thing they see is a bright, beautiful wall. The rest of the room is painted white, in order to highlight the opposite wall.

​Bright details

The home is full of simple, bright details like this one. These are cabinets in the kitchen. They are mounted on the wall to make sure there is enough free space. The white laminated cabinets have a simple red strip of colour running through the entire length.

​Perfect wall

This is the wall by the entrance. The wall is painted bright red with beautiful white details. There is a set of shelves built into the wall on both sides. These are perfect for displaying photos or artefacts. There is also a small white table on the side. One can use that for placing Lord Ganesha’s idol.

​Modern and functional kitchen

Limited area is available for the kitchen. However, the designs have ensured that they make the most of this space. They have used different fixtures and fittings to provide as much open space as possible. The red and white detailing looks stunning in the kitchen.

​Stylish doorway

The doorway is simple and classy. Made of wood, it has some elegant carvings on the doorframe and the door. The entrance to the home is so elegant that guests wont be able to wait to explore the rest of the home.

The outside passage

The outside passage is a common passage for the apartment. A window from the apartment looks out into the outside passage.

Before the entry

Before entering the home, we see that there is a similar apartment on the opposite side as well. All the apartments on the floor share a common, open balcony.

​Smart solutions

Inside the house, there is a separate space by the balcony to sit and enjoy the sun and the wind. It is separated from the rest of the house with two sliding doors.

​Amazing storage space

The wooden cabinet for storage was made to order for the homeowners.

​Bright bedroom décor

The colourful bedroom décor creates a calm and happy atmosphere in the room. While the rest of the room is plain, the cabinets have been painted a bright blue.

​Simple and elegant

The rest of the house uses plain, simple colours, such as cream to offset the bright colours.

​Multi-faceted design

The multi-faceted design in the house creates a beautiful, open style plan.

​The art of wallpaper

Wallpaper has been used in cupboards to differentiate them from the other cupboards.

​Useful storage space

This wardrobe design is quite unique and different, and offers ample storage space.

​Extraordinary wallpaper

This is another place in the house where such uniquely designed wallpaper has been used. It is definitely eye catching and quite elegant.

The TV wall

The TV wall has been given a complete makeover. With a simple, industrial style backdrop, and the wooden frame, this wall is perfect.8 different bedroom concepts for Indian homes.

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