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When living in a city, there is not a great abundance of greenery around for all to enjoy. One can go for a stroll in the park for a breath of fresh air but it still won't replace the invigorating effect that a walk in the forest would bring. Since many people are constantly on the go, having free time to wander in Nature can translate into a rare luxury. It has been proven time and time again that having a environment where plants and trees are present makes for a healthier life. Some plants have the benefit of filtering toxins from the air and releasing oxygen. Greenery also has the benefit of creating a calming space and it fills a room with vibrant colours. Another natural improvement of Nature is contained in the relaxing sounds it provides such as the tranquil passing of water in a stream or the rush of the waves hitting the shore. To reproduce a Nature inspired environment in a home, a few adjustments can be undertaken to revamp the home and make it a wholesome space to live in. The following ideas can inspire all who want to add a touch of Nature to their flat.

Stone influence

The earth is made of stone and ground. Having a representation of this aspect of Nature is a marvellous way to pay tribute to it. Stones are grounding and stable which is an ideal for setting a calming and peaceful atmosphere at home. Whether a majestic stone wall stands proudly in the living room or the bedroom, its incidence on the overall charm of the room will be noticeable. There is a stoic grandness to the serene beauty of stones; no matter what the colour or the size of the stones, they are the reminder that foundations must be built on something solid. Stones are a reminder of the ground each and every human being walks on. In this image, the stone on the wall is clear tribute to the rocks that pave the bottom of a river. This is the perfect setting for a bathroom where water is the focal point of all activities performed in this room. A stone wall is also stunning look that will never go out of style for any room of the home. There is another nice reminder of water with the long fluffy ocean blue carpet lying on the floor.  

Aquarium life

Footballer's Pad Aquarium, Aquarium Architecture Aquarium Architecture Modern living room
Aquarium Architecture

Footballer's Pad Aquarium

Aquarium Architecture

For those who have allergies or who are too busy to carefully look after a pet such as a dog or a cat, an aquarium is a great option to opt for. The calming sight of an aquarium is something one can look at for a long time. The exquisite sounds of the rustling waters can transport someone in a meditative state. Listening to the water's sounds can alleviate stress and help a person unwind after a stressful day in the city. An aquarium is also a wonderful decorative piece that is in permanent movement where an aquatic world lives on. Taking some time to admire the colourful fish swim gracefully here and there in the aquarium can be quite entertaining as well. Life exists above and below ground: that is why a representation of Nature should include an aquarium. The tranquil sea life will set the stage for a serene atmosphere in the home. Also, the lovely shade of blue is always a marvellous addition to the home decor and it should always be considered when wanting to add a piece of Nature in an urban home.

Adding plants

The city hustle and bustle doesn't necessarily permit quiet times in a forest or a secluded area when there is no trace of human development. A good remedy for those seeking serene relaxation methods should look into getting plants for their home. A few splashes of green here and there will do wonders for the home decor and it will also provide a peaceful space to connect with Nature. The image shown here is a wonderful  way to implement the beauty of Nature and its healing benefits. A foggy glass bath sits before a wall of ferns surrounded by a minimalist decor. Who wouldn't want to relax here after a hard day's work in this sumptuous decor to take a bath? Vertical gardens are used more than ever and their benefits never cease to be discovered. It is a fantastic three-dimensional living wall decoration that will relish in the humidity that a bathroom has. The wall of ferns is also a healthy benefit to any room since it will filter the air from harmful toxins present in the city air. Plants create a serene atmosphere where one can naturally unwind. If a vertical wall is not possible to recreate, then a green reading room or relaxing corner full of plants will do the trick.

Sheep wool

Wool is a material that has been used by mankind for centuries. Its benefits are plenty as well as being a gentle and comforting reminder of Nature. The current image has a delightful inspiration that can benefit any home. In this kitchen, the dining table has four chairs that are covered in fluffy sheep skin. This funky look is a cosy way to make chairs more comfortable and warm as well as very appealing. Sitting on wool ornamented chairs sounds quite enticing especially during a cold winter day. Having an animal fur or an imitation of it will greatly improve the overall look of the room by being a reminder of Nature and by being a comforting element in a room. The same idea can be reproduced by using an animal print or skin as a carpet to give a cosy charm to the room it is in. Also, one can place a sheep skin at the foot of the bed to keep warm which at the time will be a stylish addition to the bedroom.

Funky animal figures

Nature can be represented in many ways and animals are at the epicentre of that notion. If the landlord doesn't permit keeping pets or if someone living at home is allergic to animals, the wish to have an animal at home is quite reduced. There is however one way that is allergen free and most importantly, doesn't need grooming or cleaning: animal figures and statues. As shown in the current picture, a delightful representation of a giraffe stands proudly by the window waiting to welcome the guests to arrive. Such a Nature representation can be reused in every room of the home since it gives a touch of humour to the room by jazzing things up. This is definitely a piece that will be a conversation starter as well as being a colourful, funky addition to the room. When a person cannot keep pets at home, this fun solution brings a twist to what home decor is by thinking outside the box and experimenting with Nature influences. Many other animal figurines like coy fish are available through the link of Zoozoo friends for life.

Landscape wallpaper

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Arihant design

Interior designs

Arihant design

Endless landscapes untouched by human development is something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. That wish can be accomplished by placing a wallpaper on the wall such as the immense red desert shown on the current image. The vastness of this image transforms the room into a beautiful outlook into the rocky landscape. Such imagery can be reproduced in a home to transform the atmosphere of the room. The great feeling of standing in the grand views that Nature offers can be accomplished with only one image on the entire wall. If one prefers a forest or a field full of flowers, that is also a possible type wallpaper that can be placed on a wall. The idea is to transport the onlooker into another environment, one that is a statement of Nature's grand and immersive beauty. One wall covered in a beautiful landscape will suffice to transform the atmosphere of the room as shown in this picture. 

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