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''Beautiful Modern Appartment'' Five One Interio Asian style houses
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Stretching from the splendor of himalayas, the falling beauty of Himachal Pradesh and the culturally enriched Punjab, North India stands out as a land of immense discovery that has stood with pride since ages. With different states and their languages each state has its own history and a healthy past. Considering the rich past of north India which includes the national capital region of the country as well, the patterns and designs majorly popular in this part of the country can be easily marked out. Decorating the house with the major north Indian influence has its own charm. Here are some very beautiful examples of the splendor of the north India.

The luxurious wallpaper

The luxurious wallpaper on the back wall of the bed makes it look so grand. The simple wall turned into something so delightful that it alone enhances the room and brings sheer class to it. The simple bed with a white headboard looks stylish and modern in itself. The light colored blinds on the window, a pretty lamp on the side table with some flower vases on the other side make the room look bright and happy. The look of the room is sealed with the beautiful bed cover and cushions that render an extremely contemporary yet posh look to the whole setup.

A modern bedroom

Masterbedroom headboard design homify Asian style bedroom

Masterbedroom headboard design


A very northern style of bedroom with less things yet top notch elegance. A simple bed yet with a very classy headboard that extends to the ceiling and also forms a bedside table with the same texture. Easy to maintain and classy to look at, this is a beautiful bedroom design. The printed curtains on the windows complete the look of the room. The lights on the insides of the false ceiling give a very sophisticated look to the room. The light shade of the wall color and the tiles look really chic. 

A small corridor decor

The corridor being usually small and a narrow area can easily be decorated in a very stylish manner. Here’s exactly what one can do to make it look absolutely agreed. The small front wall can be easily used for shelving books and other items inside the fitted wardrobe. Books and other art pieces can be put on the shelves of the wall. The wall behind the drawer is textured into a beautiful design and the lights on the top panel of the wall complete the look on the whole.

The Television panel

''Beautiful Modern Appartment'' Five One Interio Asian style houses
Five One Interio

''Beautiful Modern Appartment''

Five One Interio

The very cool television panel can be decorated with minimal accessories and classy style. The television can be easily wall mounted which uses less space and looks great on the wall. The further usage of this wall for mounting an air conditioner is again a very efficient use of the space. A small drawer and a shelf to keep the television accessories and other gadgets leave ample free space and look perfectly placed. The best part of this wall is the side design on both sides of the television. It is a simple wall turned into something very stylish with this cut work design. The panels are lit from inside to allow a very dim yet very elegant light fall into the room. 

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Classy and dressy bathroom

A bathroom is one place which when stays clean is a sign of a very hygienic and careful maintenance. A properly shelved and mirrored washroom is always preferred by all. This image of the bathroom has a very chic shelf to store the bathroom accessories along with a light colored slab to keep things. The glass partition is very comfortable and keeps the space clean. The mirror on the wall is a very essential part of the bathroom and the beautiful traditional frame has its own charm.

A modern living room

Classic Living Room homify Classic style living room

Classic Living Room


A very spacious living room looks really classy and is loved by one and all. The pretty white tiles on the floor give a wider look to the room. The high ceiling and the light colored walls enhance the elegance utmost. Perfectly laid beautiful lights in the room light up and brighten the room like none other. The aristocratic seating in the room with the very picturesque colors of fabric on the furniture and a small sitting in the corner bring a “wow!!” factor. The overall designing looks soothing to the eyes. 

Chandeliers and the ceiling

Living room ceiling Hasta architects Modern living room
Hasta architects

Living room ceiling

Hasta architects

The false ceiling and the pretty lightening on the ceiling looks amazing and gives sufficient light to the room. The wood panel on the ceiling and the pretty chandelier further enhance the look to magnificence. The light from within the false ceiling, the light wall color and the cut work designing all add up to a superb effect. Jazz up the rooms, walls, and free spaces in the room with the beautiful accessories and the north Indian patterns. Brighten up the room and bring smile to those who live in.

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