What are some useful Vastu tips for eliminating bad energies in your house?

Sunita Vellapally Sunita Vellapally

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We all want our houses to be filled with positive energy so that its effect is felt in our lives in the form of success, happiness, wealth and good relationships. However, sometimes even the most beautifully decorated home can have a bad vibe due to some elements that bring negativity into the space. One way of cleaning houses of negative energy is to use the principles of Vastu Shastra to guide you.

According to the ancient Indian architectural system, elements such as the incorrect direction of rooms, the wrong placement of accessories such as mirrors as well as poor lighting can invite negative energy into a home. Today, we focus on presenting you with a few tips on how to ward off bad vibes using Vastu Shastra.

1. Check whether everything is in order




Broken items or things that don’t work as they should, whether it’s a cracked ceramic bowl, a clock that needs its battery replaced, a fused light bulb, creaking doors and windows, leaking taps or even cupboards that don’t close properly can create negative energy inside the space, which can affect your life. The first step in cleaning the house of bad energies using Vastu Shastra is to make it a practice to repair things as soon as they don’t work. If necessary, you should immediately dispose things that can’t be repaired so that the negative energy from them doesn’t spread through the house.

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2. Clean up the clutter

Independent Villa - Pune:  Bedroom by DECOR DREAMS

Independent Villa—Pune


A house that is free of clutter has open spaces that allow positive energy to flow unhindered. If you have clutter on tables, countertops, under the bed or on your desk, it’s time to sort out the mess and tidy up your house to eliminate the negative energy in the space. When you are clearing clutter, get rid of anything that you haven’t used for a long time.

If you need additional storage to organise your things, you can hire a carpenter to build a cabinet or shelf.

3. The position of bathrooms and kitchens

Vastu Shastra directions affect the energies inside a house. If you are building or buying a home, keep in mind that you should check the location of the kitchen and the bathrooms. The recommended direction for the kitchen is in the south east corner of the house, and your stove should be installed in this direction. If you are buying an apartment or a house where there is no provision for changing the directions of rooms, then the north west is the second-best direction for the kitchen. However, the stove should still be in the south east corner of the kitchen.

As for bathrooms, ensure that they are not in the north east as this is the spiritual direction associated with god. When you use the toilet or bathroom, you should face the south or the west. Avoid placing the toilet so that you face the north, east or north east when you refresh yourself.

4. Purifying spaces

If the layout of your house does not allow any alteration, and you are stuck with unsuitable Vastu directions, then, fear not! You can take remedial measures to bring positive energy into the space. One of the easiest ways how to ward off bad energy is by lighting candles or using aroma diffusers with pleasant fragrances to uplift the mood and the refresh the senses.

Placing sea salt in dark corners or dead spaces helps to eliminate negative energy as the salt absorbs the bad vibes. However, you should remember to refresh the salt at least once in two weeks.

5. Good lighting

Darkness contributes to negativity as it dulls our senses and causes bad moods, depression and stress. There’s nothing like sunlight to cleanse spaces and fill them with positive energy, but not every part of the house might get direct sunlight. When installing the lighting system in your house, ensure that no corners are neglected. You should switch on all the lights in your house in the evening, at least for some time, to banish negativity from the spaces that are dark during the day. Ensure that the north east corner of the house is brightly lit throughout the day, especially if it doesn’t get natural light in the mornings.

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6. Cure with sound

 Terrace Garden at Defence Colony:  Garden by Grecor

Terrace Garden at Defence Colony


The peal of bells brings positive vibes into a space and is an excellent solution you can try for cleaning the house of bad energies using Vastu Shastra. This is the reason bells are used in temples and pooja rooms. Wind chimes are another tool that helps to get rid of negative energy inside the house.

7. Décor accessories – the right type and location

A beautifully decorated and well-lit room should attract good energy, but as per Vastu, there are certain things to avoid when you use décor accessories. Although mirrors are considered a great accessory for making small spaces look brighter and larger, Vastu does not recommend placing them in bedrooms as it has a negative effect on the health and relationships of the people using the room. If the room has a dressing table with a mirror, covering it with a cloth when you are resting or sleeping can eliminate the effects of the negative energy. The same rule holds for the television or laptop screens inside bedrooms. When you aren’t using them, they reflect the bed, which can affect your health. Keep the screens covered before you sleep.

8. The role of colour in Vastu Shastra

When you want to bring positive energy into your home, another way to achieve it is by using the right Vastu colours for different rooms. We all know that colours have the power to influence our mood, so by choosing a shade that creates energy or calmness can help to bring the desired ambiance in a room. As per Vastu, each colour signifies a specific energy. Therefore, use colours wisely so that they have a positive effect.

Red – It’s an energetic colour that represents power, passion, bravery, warmth and vibrancy, so it can be used in an area that is dull and lacks energy. However, refrain from using it in the room of a person who suffers from anxiety or depression as the excessive energy can add to their stress.

Blue – The colour of the ocean and the sky, blue represents tranquillity, beauty, emotion, truth and inspiration. Use it in areas that need a relaxed vibe but choose light shades instead of darker ones. Avoid using blue in a study or your home office. Don’t use too much of this colour in your home as it represents water and can cause frequent coughs and colds.

Green – This colour always suggests nature and brings relaxation, growth, healing, abundance and prosperity into the home. The soothing effect of this colour makes it ideal to use in the room of a person who has a short temper or gets agitated easily.

Yellow – This bright colour is reminiscent of sunshine and represents optimism, openness, purity, concentration and wealth. It can be used to make a room look larger. Additionally, yellow is suitable for the room of a person who needs to be more positive.

Residence at Rohini, New Delhi:  Bedroom by Design Essentials
Design Essentials

Residence at Rohini, New Delhi

Design Essentials

Brown – It is the earth’s colour and stands for stability, comfort, contentment and satisfaction. In general, it can be used in any room or space where you need to feel content and satisfied.

Purple – The colour that is associated with royalty, purple denotes luxury, self-respect, wealth and graciousness. It’s ideal in the rooms of those who suffer from a poor self-image.

Violet – This tone stands for spirituality, concentration, decisiveness and memory. It’s the perfect colour to use in meditation areas and pooja rooms. Moderate use of this colour in children’s bedrooms and study rooms can help to improve concentration.

Orange – This colour, which is a combination of red and yellow denotes warmth, energy, communication, determination and good health. It is best suited for rooms of people who suffer from depression. In the rooms of young people, it can also help to increase their determination in achieving goals or giving wings to their aspirations.

White – The colour of purity, innocence, luxury, simplicity, cleanliness and openness, white is ideal for the ceiling.

Pastels – Vastu recommends pastel colours for the walls and ceilings of homes as light colours bring the right vibe to a space.

Design ideas for My Home Vihanga:  Dining room by URBAN HOSPEX INTERIORS

Design ideas for My Home Vihanga


Neutral shades – Most modern homes use neutral shades, which are also recommended by Vastu for the walls.

Besides this, Vastu colours for different rooms are also influenced by the directions of the rooms. We recommend that you contact a Vastu consultant or an interior designer for advice of the colours that are suitable for the rooms in your house so you can keep negative energy away.

Which of these tips will you try in your home? Leave a comment to let us know.
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