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An Eco-friendly House Filled with Aesthetic Pleasure

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It is not always easy to come by a house which caters to every need and mood of its inhabitants. But this modern beauty in Salazar created by CamiloPulido Aquitectos, architects from Colombia, catches an observer’s eye with its easy elegance and freshness. The town of Salazar is rich in both history and culture, and is home to many myths and legends. Besides colonial houses, you will find modern influences in the buildings being constructed recently.

This house too, exhibits the essence of modernity over an impressive area of 420 square metres. It provides effortless functionality, structural splendour and love for open spaces. So living areas are spacious and integrate with each other gracefully. The abundant incorporation of greenery all around the house makes it seem like a tranquil oasis. And the breathtaking swimming pool in the backyard is nothing short of an asset for this property. So let’s take a tour to find out more!

A sophisticated facade

The simple but classy lines of the front of the building made an impression on us easily. It is evident that the large glass windows let in plenty of sunlight during the day. Small patches of garden and some lofty palm trees augment the visual appeal of the facade. Note how a skylight midway between the lower and upper storeys enables one of the palms to grow, without any hindrance. It is also impossible to miss the massive glazing on the right of the entrance, which allows you to take a peek at the main staircase inside.

When you walk inside

A wide welcoming entrance shows the warm-heartedness and cordial nature of the residents. Dark brown columns make a grand statement in the midst of spotless light-coloured interiors. The sheen of the tiled floor reflects the ceiling lights in a charming manner. Chic, dark toned furniture have been used for both the dining and living spaces on either side of the entrance.

A nature-loving staircase

The staircase discreetly leading to the top storey, flaunts dark tiles which go wonderfully well with the light-hued solid railing. And the unique aspect of the railing which caught our attention is that, it can be filled with soil and hence acts as a planter too. The lush green foliage adds a breath of fresh air to the stylishly austere surroundings.

The view from the kitchen

A decently-sized, smooth L-shaped slab serves as the kitchen counter and comes with multiple drawers to organize everything. The spot allows almost an undisturbed view of the entrance, dining space and the living area. So, when a big party is in full swing, it becomes easy for the host to keep a tab on everyone’s needs even if he or she is busy putting together a snack in the kitchen.

A terrace with many possibilities

The sheltered terrace serves as the perfect spot for relaxation after a hard day’s work or sunbathing on a weekend. The family can also use it to have dinner in the open air, or entertain guests. Large glass sliding doors offer a view of the interiors and adequate natural ventilation. Observe how similar ceiling lights have been used for the interiors and the terrace, to preserve a sense of continuity.

The pool of delights

Beyond the terrace lies a vast, gorgeous swimming pool which is more than perfect for hot summer days. Don’t miss the Jacuzzi on the right side, just adjacent to the terrace edge. Brilliant blue mosaic stones enhance the attractiveness of the pool and complement the blue of the sky. Spacious balconies on the top floor provide a stunning view of the surrounding landscape.

A garden that enthrals your senses

A beautiful garden surrounds the house including the pool area. The verdant palm fronds not only look enticing against the white of the house, but also act as privacy screens for bathers. Their shadows on the pool water aid in keeping the water cool too.

Our tour ends here, and we hope that you enjoyed it as much as we did. We also encourage you to assimilate aspects of this house for your own project. For more interesting ideas, go through this ideabook – A Modern Home with a TropicalTwist.

What do you like most about this tour? Please share with us in your comments below.

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