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6 Ideas to Integrate Antiques with Contemporary Furniture

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Heirloom furniture are the classic jewels in one's home which tell a tale of our past and are deeply personal to us. Nobody wants to throw away a chair which has seen mothers and grandmothers and great grandmothers sit on and tell stories, nobody wants to discard a piece of furniture which is a part of who we are. But too often heirloom furniture looks too antique and in modern homes it is difficult to fit it in with the rest of the contemporary furniture. But don't worry just because it's 'heirloom' needn't mean you need to find an unworthy corner for it in your home. Here are 6 ways to integrate 6 heirloom furniture pieces in a contemporary home.


A desk is one of those heirloom pieces of furniture which too often is too dark, heavy and sombre to fit in with a bright contemporary home. A simple way to make an old school desk into a modern table is to re-paint it. The bright red paint on this exquisite heirloom desk with cabriole legs, has transformed this heirloom piece and helped it blend into with this modern, feminine, pink and blue study designed by YOUR ROYAL DESIGN.


An heirloom armchair is always wrought with memories and unfortunately unless your home is done up in a classic style, an old fashioned armchair finds itself at odds in a modern home. But a simple way to give an old armchair a modern twist is it to change it's upholstery. The ornate carved frame of the armchair will still stay the same, but an upholstery in the same colour as other pieces of furniture like the bright blue table here, or even an upholstery with a matching pattern or colour like the curtains or carpets, can help this heirloom piece blend in with the rest of the room.


An old cabinet can easily be given a makeover by re-polishing and re-varnishing its wooden exterior. But inset or carved or painted geometrical patterns on the cabinet in contrasting colours can add a further modern touch to the cabinet, which will help it fit in a room furnished in a contemporary style. Another way to make an heirloom piece look less odd in a modern room, is to add a few ornate decorative items on it. The exquisite teal vases here make the old school cabinet look less out of place.


An armoire is an old fashioned cupboard which often doesn't blend into a modern home both because of it's classic design and inset/raised work on its doors, as well it's huge size. You can fit the armoire into the hollow space that is often provided for modular cupboards in modern homes instead of building a cupboard there, this will save you a lot of money and time. Also instead of varnishing it and accentuating its wooden ornate look, you can paint it in a neutral colour like white or beige or even black to help it fit in with the rest of the contemporary furniture.

Dressing Table

Inheriting a dressing table is like getting to play dress up in a different skin. But an exquisitely carved dressing table with cabriole legs here can be very difficult to fit into a modern bedroom. You can paint it entirely white or cream, you can even do combination of white and wooden brown varnish and experiment with a modern look like the one here. Or you can give it a distressed look and accentuate its old world charm and pair it with feminine or classic curtains and walls like this dressing table.


An heirloom bench looks really odd in a modern home. The simplest way to use it is to move it to outdoors to a garden, patio or even balcony. But it can still end up looking like it belongs to a different time if left in its faded rustic beauty. The best way to give it a contemporary touch is to re-paint it in a bright shade. Also change the seating area from upholstery to wood or metal, so that it becomes more durable in the sun and rain. If you happen to have a little courtyard where this heirloom bench will fit right in, here's how you can make the most of it.

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