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We're not crazy… you can spray paint your carpet!

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All good-looking homes have a few things in common – they are neat, cosy, have carefully selected furniture, and home décor that blend well. Over a period of time, some of the things may just lose their sheen. Once in a while, you may want to change things around according to your emotional state. Luckily for some home ideas, you don’t have to throw away the old to get a new one. Some things can be easily moved around or repainted to get you a brand new look. Even your carpet!

Yes, you heard that right. You can paint your carpet (and even your sofa) to make it look as good as new. Tired of seeing the old design? You can now paint it just the way you want. Carpet painting also helps hide some ugly unyielding stains and spots. It will not only give a new lease of life to your carpet, but also be a great DIY project to show your creativity.  

Ready to start? Here’s what you need:

Scissors, measuring tape, textile spray paint in your choice of colors (buy an extra can for each paint as you will need to double coat for effect), paint thinner,  4-5 rolls of painters’ tape,  a light colored marker, paper and pencil, cover cloth, plastic sheets or newspapers and a big ruler. 

Map out your carpet design with tape

Geometrical design is a great choice for first timers as it gives a more structured outcome. One of the most common choices is the zigzag nautical design using the same color in different shades or with contrasting whites.

Start by selecting your design and replicating it on a piece of paper. When you are ready with the design, scale it and map it on to your carpet. Use light colored washable markers that can be masked after being painted over.  If you are trying your hand with a more complicated design, you can start by taking photographs of your rug design at various stages. Sometimes, taking your eye off the floor and seeing the design on a laptop screen can give a better idea of design symmetry and balance.

Select the paint carefully

Textile sprays or textile paint (also listed under fabric painting supplies) are available in select eCommerce stores in India. You can even buy textile pens with a metallic finish in a variety of colors. These are great ways to add finishing touches to your design. If you can’t find them online easily, then go for regular fabric painting colors or acrylic paint that is available in most stationary stores. You can fill these into spray cans and use it for carpet painting. A 20ml bottle of fluorescent fabric paint can cost anywhere between INR 150-400. An acrylic based 150ml spray can cost anywhere between INR 850-1,000 and works best for stencil painting.

Protect the room with clothes or plastic sheets

Whether you choose to paint your carpet indoors or outdoors, you will need to protect the surrounding area from the fine misting spray. Start by lining the area of your living room or bedroom with old newspapers or plastic sheets. Be careful to not leave any gaps. Place your rug on this work area.

Illuminate your room well, so that you know you are getting the right shade and covering the nooks. In this picture, Parisdinterieur, interior architects in Paris, France, have covered the area to be sprayed and the area around it with sheets, for protection.

Spray paint the carpet

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Etons of Bath

Georgian Drawing Room

Etons of Bath

Now comes the real game. Start by covering areas of the carpet with the painters’ tape where you don’t want to get the current paint color. Once you stick the tape, be sure to slowly run your fingers to flatten the tape at the edges, so that the spray doesn’t accidently seep into it.  

When ready, start by testing out the spray on a spare piece of cloth – how quickly it spreads and how intense the colour really is. Shake the can well over the spare piece of cloth (to avoid splatter) and start by holding the can one or two inches above the carpet. Keep your hands steady and run the paint over as smoothly as you can. You are most likely to not get a smooth look in the first go. Treat the first coat as a preparatory coat that ensures coverage. We generally recommend a second or third coat as it brightens the overall look. Keep paint thinner handy to remove a blotch that may have come out of a quick move. Once you are satisfied with the result, leave it out to dry for a few hours. But before that, carefully wipe off the residue paint from the tape so that it doesn’t blot and spill over if you move the carpet.

Wait for the paint to dry before adding more colours

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Wendy Morrison

Wendy Morrison Peacock rug

Wendy Morrison

In your second and subsequent phases of painting your carpet, you may need to lay the tape over areas you have already painted. So make sure the paint is completely dry or it may leave a blotchy look. Add an extra piece of cloth over your painted area to make sure splatter doesn’t get through.

Taping a non-geometrical area is slightly more tricky. You will need to first stencil out the design (if you are planning to replicate it in various areas), cut out multiple stencils, and tape each one over the rug, fully covering its edges. Then you will need the same design cut inside out and stenciled to do the background for the design. We would suggest you leave this for your second experiment.

Wait for the carpet to dry

After creating your masterpiece, hold on a little for your carpet to dry completely before your can bring it into the room for foot traffic, pet stomping, or a cozy sit-out.

A simple but good carpet design can make it one of the central attractions of the room. It is among some unique home ideas as you have created it. So get ready for the compliments because this is one piece of your home décor that simply won’t miss anyone’s eyes. To read more about your related topic, check out How do I choose a rug for my invoice.

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