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15 fascinating false ceiling designs from Indian homes

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Once upon a time ceilings were the most neglected part of any home. If it was covered, it was done only with an intention to hide the ugly wires or cracks on the ceilings. When designers were storming their brains on aspects of home improvements, ceilings grabbed their attentions and got its long due respect. Hence, the concept of ‘False ceiling’ was born. Soon, false ceiling became one of the requisite for designing a fashionable and chic interior which soon became a trend. Whatever be the history, let’s live in present and get some amazing ideas of false ceiling to further enhance the beauty of our home interior. Have a look!

1. Under the natural canopy

This innovative false ceiling made up of natural material and in the shape of canopy finishes off the rustic charm of this room with elan. The material is supported by wooden frame to hold it upright. Sometimes going against the trend brings amazing result. Isn’t it?

​2. Creative layers

LIVING AND DINING VIEW 2 : modern Dining room by MAD DESIGN



Ceiling in layers with two different designs divides the living from dining space from above too. Even the style of lighting is different.

​3. Stylish statement

The mural apartment: tropical Media room by S Squared Architects Pvt Ltd.

Think out of box and be at your creative best. Why should wall have all the decorations? Make your ceiling shine and sparkle.

4. Artistic expression

Mr.Ishaan's Residence,Sholinganallur: modern Living room by M/s Studio7 Architects
M/s Studio7 Architects

Mr.Ishaan's Residence,Sholinganallur

M/s Studio7 Architects

A perfect setting for a romantic evening! The drama created by beautifully crafted ceiling will leave everyone mesmerized.

​5. Calmness of warmth

Shobha's Residence,Panaiyur: modern Bedroom by M/s Studio7 Architects
M/s Studio7 Architects

Shobha's Residence,Panaiyur

M/s Studio7 Architects

All you need in your bedroom is little warmth and lots of calmness for some relaxation and peaceful time. Take advantage of wood and decorate your ceiling with it to get the desired result.

6. Shapes and shadow




Geometric shapes and experimentation with lights complementing the shape will have an interesting effect on the space.

​7. Hold on the ceiling

Bedroom Designs: modern Bedroom by Pancham Interiors
Pancham Interiors

Bedroom Designs

Pancham Interiors

It looks like the ceiling is detached from above and is clamouring for attention to hold on it to stop it from falling. With LED spotlights fixed on it the result is superb.

8. Little pieces of cloud

Shriyans Apartment Pune - Mr Ashish: modern Nursery/kid’s room by DECOR DREAMS

Shriyans Apartment Pune—Mr Ashish


If it’s the room of the children, it has to be imaginative. Now who won’t like a little bit of cloud on the ceiling painted like sky?

9. Translucent screen

Be innovating and create a designer ceiling with translucent screen instead of normal materials. It will create an illusion of roominess in small space.

​10. Guarding the skylight

The UFO House: modern Living room by S Squared Architects Pvt Ltd.

Oval shaped ceiling guarding the glass ceiling plays around the room with its beautiful shape during the days and highlight the sky during nights. Day or night, the attraction of the ceiling will not diminish.

​11. Brightening up the darkness

Mr Mahesh Ashwath: modern Living room by

Mr Mahesh Ashwath

It’s an interesting design playing up on the top with lights emancipating from jali work on the ceiling to brighten up the dark wood.

​12. Minimalist and chic

DDA flat at Vasant Kunj: minimalistic Dining room by Design Essentials
Design Essentials

DDA flat at Vasant Kunj

Design Essentials

The elegance of simplicity is definitely unmatched. Keep it simple and add a surprise element with contrasting colour. Just a border in different colour will spell magic.

​13. Chequered pattern

Masters Bed Room: tropical Bedroom by Spacecraftt Architects
Spacecraftt Architects

Masters Bed Room

Spacecraftt Architects

Thick wooden beams running on the ceiling crisscrossing each other path makes an interesting chequered pattern that will surely change the ambience of the entire room with its presence.

​14. Waves of the sky

Apartment Interiors:  Roof by M/s GENESIS

Apartment Interiors


Wavy design on the ceiling and lights peeping through it looks amazing. The beauty of the fascinating ceiling can further be enhanced by keeping the décor of the room in harmony with the theme of the ceiling.

​15. Grand to grandeur

Paint your imagination on the ceiling and then double up the beauty with its reflection on the mirror. The splendour of the space will leave every one speechless.

For more fascinating ceiling ideas, visit this ideabook: 11 False ceiling designs you can't stop looking at!

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