Villa at Jay Pee Greens Greater Noida : modern Kitchen by Design Essentials

9 beautifully designed kitchens from homes in New Delhi

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Delhi, the heart of India is foodies dream destination. Think of any cuisine and Delhi has it. In fancy restaurants or on streets, for the people of Delhi food is the way to celebrate life and relationship. Like any normal Indian, the people of Delhi too love to eat good hearty home-cooked meals. The pleasure of cooking and eating increases manifold when done in a beautifully designed comfortable kitchen. Today we have brought for you 9 amazing kitchens from Delhi homes. Have a look and take some inspiration before designing your kitchen whether it is in Delhi or in any other corner of the world.

​1. Seriously professional

This one is for the family who believes that good food can be cooked and enjoyed only in a clutter-free kitchen. The warmth of wood is complemented well with the steely handles and beautiful spotlights on the ceiling. Every inch of space has been judiciously utilised to make it look like a professional looking kitchen.

2. Shiny and translucent

A little bit of transparency surely make the life in kitchen easy especially if it is the wall cabinets. Now you don’t have to open every door to get what you want. Shiny handle-free cabinets on the floor are enhancing the beauty and adding colour in the predominantly white kitchen.

​3. Charming small kitchen

Modern Apartment interior, Jaypee Greens Kalypso Court Sector-128 Noida:  Built-in kitchens by kalky interior
kalky interior

Modern Apartment interior, Jaypee Greens Kalypso Court Sector-128 Noida

kalky interior

Small doesn’t mean cramped and boring. Make your compact kitchen charming, efficient and lively with a generous dose of colour. Take advantage of every space available and turn it into a smartly built super functional comfortable kitchen.

4. The warmth of wood

Nothing can beat the magical charm of wood when it comes to kitchen furniture. Play with the texture and colour of the woods and cover the wall with it. Plan and create space in the island too. Believe us, no matter how much space you have, you still will need more in your kitchen.

5. Fashionably modern

Simplicity is trendy and will always remain so. Clean cut furniture, subtle colours and uncomplicated fixtures create an impression of roominess in small space. Keep it simple and enjoy the calmness and coolness of space even in hot summer days.

​6. Pops of lilac

A little bit of drama can be overwhelming and will surely elevate the mood even in ‘not in cooking mood’ days. Lilac and white cabinets with a pop-up floral design make an interesting combination and together they combine to make it an attractively amazing kitchen.

​7. Let the light make it bright

Fill the small space with sufficient natural light through large window and skylight. It will create an illusion of spaciousness. To top it all integrate the kitchen with the dining room and enjoy the extended space and combined family time even when from kitchen.

​8. Chic and efficient

All you need is a few square feet of space in a corner and a bit of efficient planning to build a chic and comfortable kitchen high in style quotient. Sensibly yet stylishly designed kitchen has smartly integrated the dining space in it yet has kept it separate from it.

9. Dramatic design

Villa at Jay Pee Greens Greater Noida : modern Kitchen by Design Essentials
Design Essentials

Villa at Jay Pee Greens Greater Noida

Design Essentials

The greatness and efficiency of kitchen design depends on its cabinetry. It can make or break the beauty and functionality of the space. Make it astounding to shift the focus from the limited space to something innovative and attractive to eyes.

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