The House of Arches: mediterranean Kitchen by S Squared Architects Pvt Ltd

A unique home with beautiful arches in Trivandrum

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The House of Arches by S Squared Architect Pvt. Ltd, architects in New Delhi, incorporates some stunning and unusual themes into their design. This home is located near Trivandrum in the Techno Park. The sheer scale of the house is a sight to behold. The homeowners wanted the architects to incorporate a revived Mediterranean cultural influence on the house. Despite the challenging design brief, the architects rose to the challenge to create this beautiful home. Let’s take a walk through the house of arches.

Spectacular lighting

From outside, the house looks huge, with multiple storeys. However, the elevation inside the house is not much. In face, one level of elevation is in the staircase leading up to the home.

A grand entry

As we enter into the house, the first word that comes to our minds is grand. Because it is indeed grand. With the lighting, the beautiful artistic lamp hanging in the entryway, along with the detailing in the doorway, create a stunning look.

Mesmerising kitchen

The kitchen is like a dream come true. It is huge with a lot of space and has a kitchen island in the middle, which makes it easy for more than 2 people to work in the kitchen. The kitchen is equipped will all the necessary appliances and has sufficient space for storing the necessities.

A stunning view

While the house has been given a ton if importance with detailing in every little aspect, the exterior has also been given the same amount of attention. The outer windows are fitted with glass and take us back to colonial style houses. The garden has also been created carefully to complement the overall style and design of the house.

The exterior layout

This view makes it seem like the home is situated in some exotic beach town. The outside is huge, to put it in mild terms. The entire garden has a lush green lawn. The exterior has a passage running throughout the perimeter with arches to keep up with the Mediterranean theme.

Rusticthatched roofs

Thatched roofs are a classic design choice and one can never ever go wrong with it. The exterior view shows us the different elevations clearly, each with a thatched roof design. We love the simplicity of the entire design, whether it is inside the home or outside.

​A spectacular welcome

The different levels are visible inside the house as well, as we see the three steps leading up to the living ar

A cosy dining space

The dining space inside the space is a part of the kitchen, which we love. Since just one family resides here, it is just the thing they need for a family dinner. The dark wood furniture complements the kitchen design perfectly.

Perfection in the details

We love the gorgeous winding wooden staircase. The detailing in this home is incredible. You can see that the space under the stairs has also been utilized to create a cozy reading nook.We hope you've found some of the ideas here useful. For more inspiration, have a look at.10 economical kitchen designs.

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