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A pleasant and well-planned home in Mumbai

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This home is a great combination of woodwork, patterns and new ideas. By using the natural spaces well, the interior designers and decorators from SP Interiors, Mumbai have created a unique home that is distinct in style as well as presentation. This is a larger home and without blocking the natural flow of energy, the designers have managed to support it with interesting elements and superior design. The most attractive feature in this house is the extensive use of wood which creates a traditional feel.

Grand Entrance

A unique and simple pattern adorns the front main door making it a wonderful way to invite your friends into your home. The intricate pattern and the patch of white breaks up the solid wood color of the door. The name of the home is bright and bold.

Compact Kitchen

A simple and compact kitchen is what is presented here. However, it does not mean that there is anything lacking here. The wonderful pattern is seen repeated all around the house ensuring that there are a balance and symmetry in the overall design.

Simplistic Kitchen

Looking at the kitchen from another angle, you find that it has a half counter below the microwave which is perfect to make small snacks and store things. The shelves underneath make the kitchen’s design complete.

A view of the Living Room

Looking at the sitting room from this angle, you can the large wooden beams in the roof. This lends a rustic image to the house. The high ceilings make the house look like it has been there for a long time.

Living room and Dining Room in one space

This is probably the most modern part of the house. The dining area is situated to a corner while the trendy living space is bright with the lovely cushions in vibrant colors. The plants add greenery to this wonderful and cozy space.

Comfortable Sitting Room

The sitting room is wide and comfortable. The sofa is big enough to accommodate several people at the same time and by using this design, the area still looks open and simple.

Extensive woodwork

By using extensive woodwork, the designers have kept the look very traditional all around the home. The lighting you see here is most modern and adds a unique charm to this place.

Lovely Bedroom

This bedroom is lovely and simple. The same wood color continues in this room as well and since the dark color is a theme, any color used in a contrasting fashion seems to fit in perfectly.

Minimalistic bathroom

The main attractive feature of this minimalistic bathroom is the tiles that have been used. Not only do they make the bathroom look royal, but the simple fixtures around seem to only accentuate the look.

Elegant bedroom

This is an interesting choice of color for the room. While the look is neutral, adding the pattern or the wallpaper on the wall seems to enhance the look.

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